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April 8, 2024

Today is Eclipse Day, and I don’t mean that America’s power and prestige are being eclipsed, since that’s been happening every day since 2021.

Millions of young Americans will actually go outside today to see the rare total eclipse in a northeastward band stretching from Texas to Maine. Fox News has regularly updated reports along with a map and timeline of the eclipse in various states at this link:

Highway officials are warning that there could be traffic delays and even crashes due to the unusual daytime darkness and drivers taking their eyes off the road to see the eclipse. And speaking of looking at the eclipse…DON’T! Looking directly at the sun can cause serious, permanent damage to your eyes. Even watching it on your cell phone photo screen can burn out your retinas as well as your phone. This link has some myths about eclipses and eyesight that you need to read (while you still can.)

I’ll add another myth, or at least I think it’s a myth, that most of these cheap eclipse glasses are made in China because this is all just an elaborate plot to blind Americans so China can invade us. They’re invading us already without having to go to that much bother.

And here’s some advice about what color clothes to wear to experience a bizarre side effect of the eclipse.

If you’re going to watch the eclipse, be sure to do it safely, like by wearing special eclipse protective glasses that are widely available. Warning: if you can see through them at all except when looking at a very bright light, chances are that they are not really safety-rated and might be counterfeits.

As proof that you can see an eclipse and suffer no damage, here’s a great story about eclipse buff LaVerne Biser. He’s 105 and started traveling the world with his late wife Marion in 1963 to catch eclipses. This will be his 14th. Luckily, he lives in Ft. Worth, so this one will be coming to him. Maybe the moon and sun arranged it that way out of gratitude for his loyal fandom. By the way, he credits his long life and good health to never drinking, smoking or doing drugs and “just good Christian living.”

If you miss this one, the next total solar eclipse will come on August 23, 2044. I intend to continue avoiding booze, tobacco and drugs and practicing good Christian living, so I’ll probably still be doing this then and will remind you of it when it gets a little closer.

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