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April 25, 2024

Haven’t you always wondered what Tucker Carlson was planning to say on that evening’s show the day he was “relieved of duty” by FOX NEWS --- which happens to have been exactly one year ago on Wednesday?  Now we know.

In the monologue he’d intended for that night, he was going to preview an interview he’d done with former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund.  He’d sent the copy for his monologue to his producers in the morning, and later that day his show was pulled from the air with no explanation by FOX NEWS President Suzanne Scott.

Chadwick Moore, Tucker’s biographer, wrote Wednesday on Substack: “In that interview, which Fox owns and refused to air, Sund revealed federal law enforcement and Democratic members of Congress were aware of impending violence during the January 6 election integrity protests but vetoed assistance to cops on the ground.  More chilling, and perhaps darkly ironic, Carlson planned to discuss members of the government lobbying to have his show taken off the air. And he also wanted to talk about Ukraine.”

Here, Moore tells the full story of how that day unfolded and includes the unedited text of the monologue:

Over the past 365 --- now 366 --- days, FOX NEWS has not stated their reason for taking Tucker off the air.  The monologue covers a lot of ground, so it’s hard to know definitively.  But we do know it was going to tease the interview with Sund in which Sund reveals, in Moore’s words, “that federal law enforcement and Democratic members of Congress were aware of impending violence during the January 6 election integrity protests but vetoed assistance to cops on the ground.”

Of course, now we have evidence that this was the case.  What would have been wrong with letting someone in a position to know this talk about it a year ago?

Tucker also had intended to talk about Ray Epps, what we’d seen him do, on video, and the fact that he hadn’t been punished.  By the way, did you know Epps’ attorney once worked for the DNC and Perkins Coie?  And that he later went to work with Clinton crony David Brock?  Tucker had planned to tell us.

Ironically, Tucker had also wanted to talk about members of the government --- Jen Psaki and AOC, to name two --- wanting to get his show taken off the air.  If that is true, they must have been popping the champagne corks that night.

We won’t get to see the video of Tucker’s interview with Sund, as it’s the property of FOX NEWS and won’t be aired, but you can get the gist from Tucker’s descriptions of the clips that would’ve run during the monologue.  Perhaps now he’ll talk more about what was said during that interview, and we’ll keep you posted.



RELATED STORY:  On March 4, 2023, about a month and a half before Tucker was fired, January 6 prisoner Daniel Goodwyn and his attorney appeared on Tucker’s FOX show.  Here’s that interview, a must-see:

Goodwyn, who was peaceably in the Capitol building for under one minute, was on probation during this appearance, and it inflamed U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton enough to impose monitoring of his computer (!) to make sure he didn’t spread “disinformation” on social media.  He was also given 60 days’ imprisonment and a $2,500 fine.  Last month, this strange punishment was struck down by the DC Circuit Court, but they sent the case back to HIM, to review and make sure it comported with constitutional protections.

But now that he’s “reviewed” it, Judge Walton is poised to re-impose the monitoring.  He’s scheduled a new hearing date of June 4 in a bid to reconsider this, at which time Goodwyn will be called upon to “show cause” as to why it shouldn’t happen.  More details on this ridiculous case here…


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