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April 29, 2024

Biden’s staffers must have had heart attacks when he granted an interview to Howard Stern (he won’t talk to Fox News, but he’ll talk to Howard Stern?) and declared that he was willing to debate Donald Trump.

His staffers and the media have spent months ginning up the cover story that he wouldn’t lower himself to debate Trump because Trump “lies and lies and lies,” and now, he’s blown that. (Note: During the Stern interview, Biden told at least four brand new, outrageous, easily debunked lies about his life, including that he was a high school football star and that he was arrested as a kid while standing with a black family on their porch as they protested desegregation. I’m amazed he didn’t claim that he was born a poor black child.)

Trump, who has been challenging Biden to multiple debates starting before early voting begins, jumped on the news, offering to debate him anytime he wants, even that night.

And how is the media dealing with this news? By calling on “both candidates” to commit to debating. That seems to imply two things:

1. They don’t intend to include RFJ Jr.

2. They’re actually trying to make us think that both candidates are equally avoiding debates. Sorry, guys, we have ears. And brains.

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