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April 26, 2024

As colleges across the nation dither and fret over how to deal with violent, pro-terrorist protesters, they should look to University of Texas President Jay Hartzell for a clue. Despite Austin’s reputation as an island of leftist insanity inside an ocean of Texas rationality, Hartzell was having none of the aggressive anti-Semitic antics seen elsewhere. When protesters refused to follow the rules, he called in the cops and had over 30 of them arrested.

Hartzell said in a statement:

"Today, our University held firm, enforcing our rules while protecting the Constitutional right to free speech. Peaceful protests within our rules are acceptable. Breaking our rules and policies and disrupting others’ ability to learn are not allowed. The group that led this protest stated it was going to violate Institutional Rules. Our rules matter, and they will be enforced. Our University will not be occupied."

Hear, hear! I’d suggest putting him in charge of Harvard, but he probably wouldn’t want the demotion.

For those defending people who are threatening Jewish students while shouting their support of the mass murderers of Hamas (like our President), here are two good points:

Several commentators have asked how the universities would react if they had extremist mobs on their campuses shouting the same kind of slurs and threats against black people that they’re aiming at Jews. And Tyrus on “The Five” made the excellent observation that there should be no such term as “pro-Hamas.” If you’re publicly shouting your support of this known terrorist group, you’re just “Hamas.” And you should be treated accordingly.

Sidenote: Dana Perino said on Fox News that the NYPD reported that many of these anti-Israel “protesters” being arrested aren’t undergrads but are 25-29 years old. So they're either professional agitators or they're proving my theory that it takes a long time in one of our institutions of higher learning to become that stupid.

As always, the Babylon Bee nailed it:

Related: I’m sure it will warn the black little hearts of all the over-indulged radical morons at Columbia University to know that their support of Palestinian terrorists has not gone unappreciated. Palestinian terrorists have declared their support for the Columbia protesters, too.

I’d say that should make them think twice about whom they’ve aligned with, but I don’t believe they’re  capable of thinking even once.

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