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April 15, 2024

Saturday evening, Iran finally made good on its years of threats and launched a direct attack on Israel, sending 185 drones and 110 missiles. Fortunately, the drones were slow-moving and between Israel’s defenses and the aid of US and UK forces, they were all shot down. There was only one casualty, a seven-year-old Arab Bedouin Muslim girl who was struck on the head with shrapnel in Arad. I want it known that I am as sick and furious about that innocent little girl’s senseless death as I am about the deaths of Israelis at the hands of Iran-funded terrorists.

I’ve spent the weekend following this news very closely and praying for the safety of Israel and its people, as I hope you are, too. It has gone through a number of twists and turns, and the reports are coming so fast that it’s impossible to know what to believe or what might happen next. What I will write reflects what we’ve heard as of early Monday morning, but this is a link to Fox News’ continually-updated coverage.

Here’s where we stand as of this writing: Iran is ludicrously calling the attack more successful than expected (that could only mean it helped deplete Israel’s anti-missile rockets.) They claim it was in retaliation for Israel killing an Iranian military official whom they celebrated as the chief architect of the October 7th attack, making him a legitimate target. Iran also claims they consider this as having settled the score and are warning Israel and other nations not to retaliate against them. Ooh, I'm scared!

Meanwhile, our President is publicly professing ironclad support for Israel while privately telling them the US won’t help if they retaliate.

This even as stories are circulating that Biden may have known Iran was planning the attack and okayed it “within certain limits.” While I would hate to think that’s true, this is the same strategic genius who sent the exact same message to Putin about invading Ukraine.

This story set off justifiable outrage among Congressional Republicans, with swift moves on bills to provide aid to Israel and with Sen. John Kennedy offering some sage advice to Biden: “Go to Amazon and buy a spine.”

The White House may have offered the stupidest defense imaginable. They tried to deflect the outrage by blaming the Iranian attack on Trump. Sorry if I made you spit coffee on your monitor. But no, seriously, they actually did that.


Reminder: When Trump left office, Iran was on its knees and nearly bankrupt. By lifting sanctions on oil sales and other boneheaded moves, Biden has given the mullahs tens of billions of dollars to use to fund terrorism. Oh, but don’t worry: they pinky-promised it would be used only for humanitarian purposes.

Here’s a reminder of how Biden slammed Trump’s Iran policies when he was running for President and claimed he was going to be so much better and smarter. How’s that working out? As one popular meme puts it, Middle East peace is the latest Trump policy that Biden has reversed.


Another reminder: The oppressed people of Iran came close to getting rid of the mullahs during the Green Revolution, but Obama left them twisting in the wind because he prioritized signing a worthless “Iranian nuclear agreement” to cement his legacy. That it did.  

Biden also falsely claimed that Iran targeted “military facilities in Israel” when they fired indiscriminately at areas filled with civilians.

Naturally, Israel is facing international calls to “show restraint” in responding. In reply, Dave Portnoy tweeted, “There is no country that is consistently attacked by their enemies and then told to use restraint when defending themselves (despite superior military) more than Israel...” Dave Rubin responded, “No other country would accept one single rocket fired into its territory. Jews are told to feed the people raping their women and killing their children. Enough.”

Indeed, there are those who are making the reasonable argument that Israel would be perfectly justified (as well as capable) if it obliterated Iran’s military bases and took out its nuclear facilities in the bargain. Others are calling this a huge embarrassment for Iran that after so many years of hyperbolic threats that their attack was easily shot down.

Of course, that’s assuming it was a legitimate attack and not a piece of orchestrated political theater to save face for Iran’s mullahs. If so, it’s an even worse affront to decency, because I wouldn’t trade the life of that little Arab girl for the entire sorry lot of Iran’s mullahs. Either way, Bonchie at argues that Iran may have seriously overplayed its hand.

There are the usual worries that if Israel responds as it has every right to do, it might set off World War III. But which Arab nations would rush to take Iran’s side, other than Syria, which is an Iran-controlled basket case? Nations like Egypt or Saudi Arabia might publicly condemn Israel, but they have no more use for Iran than they do for the “Palestinians” that they refuse to accept as refugees. I have a sneaking suspicion that if Israel took out the mullahs of Iran, those nations’ leaders would privately celebrate.

This is an ongoing story, but to wrap up for now, let’s visit Memory Lane and remind New York City voters how AOC theatrically wept in 2021 when the House passed funding for the Iron Dome defense that just saved thousands of Jewish lives.



Related Must-See Video: Sunday, Dallas Jewish Conservatives hosted a presciently-timed event featuring retired Lt. Colonel and now Dallas GOP Chairman Allen West, Rabbi Pesach Wolicki and author and Center for Security Policy founder Frank Gaffney. It was called “Israel’s Fight for Western Civilization and Against the Two-State Delusion.” It covered a lot of ground that far more Americans need to hear. It ranged from the lies we’ve been fed (including the PR agency-created fiction that there is a “Palestinian people” with a historic claim on Israeli land) to how the multi-front threats to Israel, Taiwan and our own border are all part of a larger assault on Western Civilization that most Americans, including too many Republicans, refuse to take seriously.

The entire panel was live streamed and can now be seen on Rumble at this link:

By the way, the dark-haired guy in the light green shirt and the stylishly-dressed redhead in the front row are my writers, Pat Reeder and Laura Ainsworth.

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