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April 4, 2024

While the White House tries to convince us that President Biden didn’t declare Easter to be “Day of Transgender Visibility” (when he clearly did), Trump vowed that when he’s elected again, November 5 (Election Day) will be called “Christian Visibility Day.”

Trump also brilliantly trolled Biden and the Democrats by turning their hysteria over his use of the word “bloodbath” against them. As you might recall, the Dems and their sock puppets in the media went ballistic (pardon my “violent rhetoric”) over Trump using that word, claiming it was “violent rhetoric,” despite the fact that he was clearly using it metaphorically to describe what would happen to the US auto industry if Biden was reelected.

So Trump picked up the gauntlet and threw it back in Biden’s face, using the term literally and accurately by condemning Biden’s “border bloodbath” that’s “destroying our country,” and vowing, “It’s going to end on the day that I take office.”

There’s no question that “bloodbath” could be applied here, both to the abhorrent violence of the cartels and to violent crimes committed against Americans like Laken Riley by illegal aliens who wouldn’t even be here if Biden hadn’t opened the border and stopped deporting criminals.

Biden defenders have no good answer for this because it’s obviously true. So they’re resorting to desperate measures, such as releasing edited video to make it appear that Trump called all immigrants “animals” and not just violent criminal illegal aliens. Fortunately, that was quickly branded as the “fake news” that it was.

Then Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked Biden press secretary Karine Jean Pierre to explain why it’s “violent rhetoric” when Trump uses the term “bloodbath,” but not when Biden referred to the 2020 primaries as a “bloodbath.” It took her several moments to come up with an answer, which amounted to “It’s the context that matters, but only when our side says it.”

This is all part of another great hoax narrative that the Democrats are trying to use to frighten Americans into voting for them, and that’s that Trump voters are a scary, violent army of radical extremists, insurrectionists, terrorists and “Christian nationalists,” just moments away from launching a violent overthrow of the government. But if that were true, why do they have to keep going back constantly to the January 6th riot of over three years ago to cite an example? Even then, it was a strange “insurrection,” considering nobody was armed and the only fatality was an unarmed Trump supporter gunned down by a Capitol cop for no good reason.

I could make a far better case that the home of serious violent rhetoric is the Democratic Party, where in recent weeks, we’ve heard everyone from James Carville to MSNBC commentators use language implying they would approve of Trump’s assassination. I could also argue that when they use violent rhetoric, they really mean it, considering their supporters burned and looted cities across America while Kamala Harris and her staff donated funds to bail them out. Biden’s policies have unleashed a flood of criminals and potentially even terrorists across our border, while Democrat DAs have let violent criminals take over blue cities, robbing and attacking citizens at will.

And it wasn’t a Trump supporter who tried to overthrow the government by aiming a sniper’s rifle at Republicans at a Congressional softball game and nearly succeeded in assassinating Rep. Steve Scalise.

I suggest the Democrats stop their pathetic attempts to convince us that Trump is a violent dictator.  We already lived through four years of his leadership and know that he didn’t arrest, jail or promote killing his political enemies, unlike some people I could name. As for “violent rhetoric,” we know the difference between actual calls to violence and common figures of speech. When they pretend not to understand that, they’re just shooting their mouths off.

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