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April 22, 2024

“A serial perjurer used to convert a dead state misdemeanor into a felony, based on an alleged federal election crime that was rejected by the Justice Department.”

That’s how law professor Jonathan Turley described the case going forward in court today (Monday), now that an “impartial” (hahaha) jury has been seated.

We’ll all want to douse ourselves in a bucket of sanitizing gel after listening to the testimony of “star witness” Michael Cohen, recently denounced by U.S. District Judge Jesse R. Furman as a serial perjurer.  “Throughout his career,” Turley notes, the disbarred lawyer has found powerful clients who valued his reputation for supporting any side that offered the biggest payback.”  And he’s still trying to game the system.

Turley said, “For those of us who have been critics of Cohen from when he was still working for Trump, it’s mystifying that anyone would call him to the stand to attest to anything short of the time of day, and even then, most of us would check our watches.”

Turley said it’s actually a good thing witnesses in New York are no longer required to put their hand on the Bible to swear their testimony is true.  “Otherwise, the court would need the New York Fire Department standing by in case the book burst into flames.”

But aside from that, Turley offered the interesting contrast of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign in the matter of how certain expenditures are recorded on the books.  (And with Hillary’s payments for the Steele “dossier,” unlike Trump’s payments for a perfectly legal non-disclosure agreement, there’s no question that the money spent WAS a campaign expenditure.)  Hillary attorney Marc Elias hid her payment to Fusion GPS as “legal expenses.”  When he and longtime Hillary aide-and-confidant John Podesta were called before congressional investigators, Podesta denied any contractual agreement with Fusion GPH.  Elias, sitting right there, sat silent rather than expose this lie.

Was Hillary or anyone working for her ever charged for hiding a campaign expenditure on the books as “legal expenses”?  Of course not.  But Trump is now on trial in a sort-of similar case, though the payments made to Daniels were not even a campaign expenditure because Trump had other, more personal reasons for wanting to keeping the shakedown payments quiet.  The technical term for this is “non-crime.”  Still, DA Alvin Bragg has to maintain they were --- even though the Federal Election Commission apparently recognized they weren’t --- just so he can literally make a federal case out of this.

We’d add that if Trump HAD wrongly claimed the payments as campaign expenditures, the FEC would likely have gone after him for THAT.  There are so many laws that no matter how he plays it, Trump is gonna get prosecuted by anybody who is itching to get him into court.  That brings us back to the quote Turley offered at the start of his piece, from the Roman philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero: “The more laws, the less justice.” 

Here’s today's link to continually-updated reports from the Trump trial…



RELATED: This case stinks so badly that even some of Trump’s harshest critics are taking his side. I already told you about former Attorney General Bill Barr, who said he will vote for Trump despite the bad blood between them. Barr said, “The Biden administration is in fact the greater threat to democracy. I think that they have a totalitarian temper. They have bought into the progressive movement. And they’re trying to squelch opposition and freedom of speech. It’s a heavy-handed bunch of thugs in my opinion, and that’s where the threat is.”

Now, add former Stormy Daniels attorney, would-be presidential candidate and current fraud and theft prison inmate Michael Avenatti to the list of unlikely Trump supporters. Avenatti once called for Trump to be indicted, but now he says if this case involved anyone else, it would never have been brought. She said pressing four cases against Trump at once is obviously an attempt to “prevent tens of millions of people from voting for him, I think it’s just flat out wrong, and atrocious.” And he says he would happily testify on Trump’s behalf, if he’s asked.

Funny how Biden ran on a promise to unite Americans, and he’s finally done it: both Trump voters and Trump haters are now united in supporting Trump over Biden.


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