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April 22, 2024

From Sunday, April 21, Scott Adams podcast:

“Apparently, the January 6 people... --- the corrupt committee that was hiding exculpatory information about Trump --- they’re afraid of going to jail [if Trump gets elected].  Adam Schiff has said ‘you can’t avoid the conversations about “what if,” and he has to think about his personal safety.

“Now, Adam Schiff should definitely be in jail.  [Laughing] If there’s one person who has proven over and over again he’s an enemy of the country, it’s Adam Schiff.  He literally went into the SCIF and told the country that he saw evidence...there was Russia collusion.  Completely made it up.  Now, how in the world do you have any kind of security clearance if you’ve done that kind of thing, even once?  If you’ve done that even once, you should be removed from Congress, because it was obviously intentional, and it was obviously a really big deal, and it obviously was terrible for the country.  So, yeah, he should be in jail.

“And I think the entire January 6 committee, based on what we know --- was obviously political, and they were obviously hiding exculpatory facts. Now, under those conditions, since they were trying to get somebody else in trouble and change the nature of the government, basically it was a coup.  So, whatever you would do for sedition, insurrection, and coups, that should be the penalty.  And I think they’re some of the worst criminals in the United States.  That’s my view.”


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