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April 3, 2024

Most Democrats haven’t really known what to make of RFK Jr. or his presence in the presidential race.  Just when this independent candidate shows his progressive bona fides by choosing fabulously wealthy attorney Nicole Shanahan, a far-far-FAR left running mate --- something moderate/swing voters should keep in mind --- he does an interview on CNN in which he dares to say Biden is a worse threat to democracy than Trump is.  Can you imagine?  Host Erin Burnett must have been shocked that he didn’t play along when she was trying to argue the opposite.

(By the way, did you know Shanahan, the 38-year-old ex-wife of a Google co-founder, reportedly paid $4 million towards Kennedy’s $7 million Super Bowl ad?  Some speculate that this is how she got on the ticket, but he ardently defended her to Burnett as a young, brilliant outsider.)

(And a related item:  Tulsi Gabbard claims RFK Jr. asked her to be his running mate but that she respectfully declined.)

As reported in THE BLAZE, Burnett cited recent polling in Georgia suggesting Kennedy would draw 12 percent of his support from Democrats and only 5 percent from Republicans, and she suggested that he might be a “spoiler” this fall.

“So when you look at it that way,” she asked Kennedy, “how can you say that your campaign is not taking more [from Biden]?”

Kennedy said he didn’t know who he’d pull more from in November, and “didn’t care one way or the other,” as the majority of those who seem drawn to him are disenchanted Americans who otherwise wouldn’t vote at all.  “Right now, I’m polling pretty much equally, probably a little more from President Trump.”  He said he wanted to pull from “both of them.”  He said he saw them as not too far from each other on main issues other than “culture war issues like abortion.”  (That’s where we have to disagree!  On other huge issues, Biden and Trump could not be further apart.)

But he said neither has addressed the impact of the $34 trillion (!!!) debt.  Just servicing the debt, he said, costs more than our military, and in five years, 50 cents out of every dollar will go towards this.  He implicated the high cost of chronic disease, saying “it’s the biggest issue we have.”

Well, it’s up there.  But he went on to speak of what arguably IS the biggest issue:  “the corrupt merger between state and corporate power that has absolutely subverted and undermined our democracy.”  Kennedy said that both Trump and Biden are “part of that system” because of who is financing their campaigns.  Still, this “system” is precisely what was turned AGAINST President Trump and what Trump seems (to us) best equipped to fight. 

Both sides were using “scare tactics” against him, he said, but he felt neither Trump nor Biden would mean the end of democracy because our institutions were “pretty enduring.”  (Again, disagree!  There is far too much at risk to keep Biden in.)

“When people talk about the threat to democracy Trump poses,” Burnett asked, “do you really think that that is equal to Biden?”

 And that’s where RFK Jr. dropped the truth bomb: “I make the argument that Biden is a much worse threat to democracy.”

It got even better, when he said, “And the reason for that is, President Biden is the first candidate in history, the first President in history that has used the federal agencies to censor political speech, to censor his opponent.”

 He tld Burnett he could say that because he’d just won a federal case --- now being appealed to the Supreme Court --- showing Biden had started censoring him and others 37 hours after taking the oath of office.  “No President in the country has ever done that.”

The story at BLAZE MEDIA lists various issues Kennedy has commented on that the Biden administration demonstrably censored, typically having to do with COVID, the Hunter Biden laptop story, and problems with the 2020 election.  U.S. District Judge Terry A. Doughty wrote that the Biden administration “uses its power to silence the opposition,” clamping down on speech it considers “misinformation” or “harmful.”

Along with his nonprofit organization Children’s Health Defense, Kennedy has been subjected to bans by Facebook and Instagram for his “debunked” claims about viruses and vaccines.  At the time, he accused them (rightly, it turns out) of acting as surrogates of the federal government, which is unconstitutional.

Kennedy accused Biden (again, accurately) of weaponizing the federal agencies.  “Those are really the threats to democracy,” he said.  “If you have a government that can silence its opponent, it has license for any atrocity.”  And then there’s this: “The greatest threat to democracy is not someone who questions election returns, but a President of the United States who used the power of his office to force the social media open up a portal and give access to that portal to the FBI, to the CIA, to the IRS, to CISA, to NIH, to silence his political critics.”

“Those are critical threats to democracy.”

He also noted that Biden had refused to grant him, as a political opponent, Secret Service protection, “for political reasons,” he said.  Kennedy must pay millions to a private security firm when by custom he qualifies for protection.  We would add that it takes some nerve to deny Secret Service protection to a Kennedy, let alone one who is arousing such strong feelings in crazy people.

If you have time, here’s the full interview with Burnett, on CNN audio.  It’s fun to listen and feel the undertones of her frustration, as she surely never expected Kennedy to compare Trump favorably to Biden.  She countered, predictably, with her presumption that Trump “tried to overturn a free and fair election.” Kennedy, sadly, went along with that, calling some things Trump has done “appalling,” but reiterated that even so, Biden was a WORSE threat because he’s undermining the First Amendment, the foundation of our country.

Burnett must’ve been relieved to segue to another report, about a subject we covered Tuesday and will update tomorrow:  the “new” information on Havana Syndrome.

Barnett brings up Trump’s “threat to Democracy” at 15:40...

Leftists are blowing a gasket over Kennedy’s words, with Joy Behar on THE VIEW dismissing him as an anti-science conspiracy theorist whose “whole family is voting for Biden” and who now is espousing “dangerous rhetoric.”

Sean Hannity reported Tuesday night about the CNN interview, and I came on his show with Reince Priebus to talk about it.  Reince revealed that the Biden campaign is so worried about third-party challenges that they’ve assembled what they call the “Third Party Desk,” just to create strategies against them.  These other candidates exist because voters “don’t like the choice of Joe Biden,” he said, “and they’re gonna have plenty of choices on the ballot [in every state].  This is coming, and it’s personal for RFK Jr.” because his fellow Democrats are out to destroy him.

As I told Sean, I’m not even running for President this time, and I’d take that personally.  They keep talking about Trump being a threat to democracy, but I’d say he IS democracy.  Democracy means people having the power of free speech.  The government doesn’t get to limit that.  The Bill of Rights doesn’t limit the people --- it limits the government.  Trump gets that; Biden is oblivious to it.

To put it as delicately as possible, let’s just hope that when RFK Jr. uttered this heresy, everybody at CNN was wearing Depends.

RFK Jr. delivers a powerful message.  Although I disagree with him on major issues and certainly would not vote for him over Trump, he’s an intelligent man, someone for whom I have a lot of respect.  As I said to Sean, he’s no kook.  Most importantly --- and this is one thing he and Trump have in common --- he’s seen what has happened to our government, now that a U.S. President is using the collective power of the federal agencies to destroy political opponents.  Leveraging the courts and media to take down one’s opponent is the true threat to democracy.

You know how much I enjoy having guests on my TBN show whom I respect but who don’t always agree with me.  My views aren’t threatened just because somebody sees things differently.  When RFK Jr. was my guest, we had an enlightening conversation, particularly about the border and public-private censorship.  If you missed our talk, I hope you’ll remedy that immediately...

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