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April 29, 2024

The openly pro-Hamas, anti-Israel protesters who have threatened and harassed Jewish students and who’ve set up an illegal “encampment” on the Columbia University campus refused to leave by the deadline they were given. But university officials caved in and refused to call the NYPD and let them do their job because they are “negotiating” with the “protesters.” They claim to be “in dialogue” with them, and say "the talks have shown progress and are continuing as planned. A formal process is underway and continues."

That just ensures that the occupation continues with no end in sight, the threats against Jewish students continue, and the open support of barbaric, murderous terrorists and hatred of Israel and America continue. But that’s okay because they’re having a “dialogue.” I’m sure dialogue and appeasement will work out just as well with these Hamas members as it did with the ones in Gaza.

Speaking of Gaza, maybe someone who’s “dialoguing” with these nutjobs should tell them there’s even more evidence that there is no Israel-caused “genocide” of Palestinians in Gaza.

I’ve finally found something that a student can actually learn from Columbia University: How NOT to deal with radical troublemakers. In fact, both these university leaders and the Jihadist Mickey Mouse Clubs they’re coddling are so stupid that only the Babylon Bee can adequately express the situation…

Derek Hunter at also has some sage advice for these noodle-spined university officials…

The 1950s all over again

I made this comparison earlier this week on Fox News, but others are now starting to notice it as well: It’s like the 1950s all over again, with Republican political leaders mobilizing the National Guard to make sure that certain students who are victims of bigotry are allowed to attend school. Except that in the 1950s, it was President Eisenhower protecting black students who wanted to attend school in my home state of Arkansas, and now, it’s Republican Governors protecting Jewish students from radical left, Hamas-loving anti-Semites.

Democrats warned that if I voted for Trump, it would be like turning the clock back to the 1950s. Well, they were right: I voted for Trump, and here we are in the 1950s again!

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