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May 6, 2024

The Arizona Supreme Court UNANIMOUSLY overturned sanctions and legal fees placed on the Arizona Republican Party for challenging Maricopa County’s 2020 post-election hand-count process.

Lower courts claimed that their complaints were “groundless” and that by challenging the election process, the AZGOP was acting in “bad faith” and might “create a cloud over the legitimacy of this election and its results.”

But the state Supreme Court ruled that the lower courts got it exactly wrong. They said the complaint may have been a longshot, but they raised valid questions about how the hand counts were conducted and whether they conflicted with state law. And dismissing the complaint for being “political” was improper because it’s impossible to divorce politics from legal disputes over elections. 

They also said that by being overzealous about challenges to elections, courts can “inadvertently inflict real damage to our republic by slamming the courthouse door on citizens and their counsel legitimately seeking to vindicate rights, which is also important to maintaining public confidence in elections.”

The Arizona GOP said, “This ruling reaffirms the fundamental legal principle that raising questions about the interpretation and application of election laws is a legitimate use of the judicial system, not a groundless or bad faith action. We remain committed to ensuring that election laws are followed precisely, upholding the integrity of our electoral process.”

So bad news for the Democrats in 2024: Challenging an election is no longer treason and insurrection, except when they do it. At least, in Arizona.

Now, someone tell Arizona’s Democrat Attorney General so she can drop all those ridiculous charges she filed against every prominent Republican she could name for exercising their Constitutional right to question an election.

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