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May 20, 2024

The shocking betrayal of our ally Israel by President Biden in announcing that the US would not deliver already agreed upon weapons to Israel in their fight for survival has caused even some responsible Democrats to finally break with Biden and his disastrous and double-dealing policies.

Just a day after Biden spoke at a Holocaust Remembrance event at the Holocaust Museum in which he pretended to be Israel’s best friend, he then turned the next day into Jihad Joe, the President who for a few Muslim votes in Michigan and Minnesota declared that because he didn’t approve of Israel going into Rafah, he would withhold arms sales to Israel.  Keep in mind, that Congress has already approved those sales, and the Democrats in Congress impeached Donald Trump because they said he threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine, which he didn’t even do. 

While Jihad Joe has been photographed shaking the hand of PM Benjamin Netanyahu, he was using his other hand to take a knife and stab the Israeli Prime Minister and the Israeli people in the back.

How on earth does Joe Biden feel emboldened to tell Israel how to fight its war for survival against the murderous barbarians of Hamas?  Biden’s brilliant military strategy proved to be an utter disaster in the pullout of Afghanistan, resulting in the deaths of 13 Americans and leaving stranded hundreds of other American left to fend for themselves after the Biden administration broke all of its promises to leave no one behind?  And many people forget that when Barack Obama approved the Navy Seal operation to kill Osama bin Laden, the only and I mean the ONLY person in the Situation Room that didn’t vote to carry out that mission was Joe Biden.  His batting average on foreign policy decisions wouldn’t qualify him for Little League, much less the majors. 

But what happened in the minds of our other allies like Taiwan and Japan and Great Britain when they saw that with Joe Biden as head of our nation, our word is DIRT!  That revelation will also reverberate with our adversaries who will now see us as weak and unwilling to keep our simple promises.

Israel hasn’t asked us to fight for them or even with them.  They never have.  Americans have never put boots on the ground in Israel.  We have SOLD them arms so they can defend themselves against enemies like Hamas.  I never thought we’d have a President who would sell our honor and renege on what Biden and his team kept calling our “iron-clad” commitment to Israel.

By giving in to the demands of the terrorists, we just invite more outrageous assaults staged against Jews and for that matter, against Americans.  America used to not negotiate with terrorists.  Now Joe Biden isn’t merely negotiating with them.  He’s surrendering to them.   And he has failed to demand that Hamas release the 5 American citizens who are hostages and have been since October 7.

While tragic that any civilians have died in Gaza as Israel has sought out Hamas terrorists, those deaths are the result of Hamas forcing civilians including children to act as human shields around their military structure and hidey holes because the Hamas fighters are too cowardly to fight without hiding behind women and children.  And despite extraordinary efforts by the Israelis to avoid deaths of civilians, Hamas has made that impossible. 

Israel is not in a fight to takeover land or assets of Gaza.  Never forget that Hamas has repeatedly stated that it will continue to carry out massacres like that on October 7 until every Jew is dead and Israel is no more.  Israel is being threatened with its very existence.  And Netanyahu and the Israeli people have made it clear—that with or without the help of the US, they will fight if necessary with their fingernails to protect their people and their country.  And I’m one American who prays our country will be led by those who want to stand with Israel—not to stand with the butchers who make up the terrorist group Hamas.

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