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May 16, 2024

The Biden campaign turned down the Presidential Debates Commission’s plans for three debates and instead directly proposed two debates with Donald Trump, in June and September. Trump immediately accepted.

Oddly, in his trash-talking statement, Biden made it sound as if he was the one who’s not worried, boasting, “I’ll even do it twice.” Yet there are usually three debates, not two. Biden also said, "Donald Trump lost two debates to me in 2020. Since then, he hasn’t shown up for a debate. Now he’s acting like he wants to debate me again. Well, make my day, pal." You can bet Trump had a response to that (see the link above.)

But for all of Biden’s bluster, the stunning number of rules and restrictions that his campaign is demanding make it obvious that they’re terrified of seeing Biden shuffle out onto a stage with Trump, live for 90 minutes, without a Teleprompter or a defibrillator.

Some cynics (or maybe they’re just realists) are suggesting that the reason the Democrats agreed to do this as early as June is that if Biden bombs spectacularly, it will give them time to replace him before their convention.

For the record, the only people I recall declaring Biden the winner of those debates were leftwing media outlets who were thrilled that he parroted their claim that experts had verified Hunter Biden's laptop as Russian disinformation. We now know that was a bald-faced lie. I suspect Trump might revisit that topic.

I wonder if we’ll also be treated to more repeatedly-corrected Biden falsehoods, like “very fine people on both sides,” Trump told people to inject bleach, and Biden’s latest head-scratcher, “Inflation was at 9% when I got here!” Once again (and my readers should have this memorized by now), the inflation rate in January 2021 was 1.4%. It took a year-and-a-half of Bidenomics to get it up to 9.1%.

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