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May 16, 2024

In a time when so much of the news is so upsetting, we should give thanks to some of the snowflake jihadi of the Infant-ada on America’s campuses, who have been so indulged by their parents and schools for their entire lives that they don’t even realize how hilarious some of their “demands” are.

Like the ones in Princeton who declared themselves on a hunger strike unless their demands were met. When nobody cared, they started whining about how they were “literally shaking and immunocompromised” (although, suspiciously, they didn’t seem to be shedding any excess weight.) Now comes the topper: They’ve given in and started to eat again, but that doesn’t mean their “hunger strike” is over. No, it continues, only as a “rotary hunger strike,” with groups of students refraining from eating in rotation. So some are eating when others aren’t. You know, like at every restaurant in the world.

There were also the Duke University grads who walked out of their own commencement carrying “Palestinian” flags to protest an honorary degree being given to comic Jerry Seinfeld, who is both Jewish and an open supporter of Israel (his wife Jessica even donated $5,000 to a pro-Israel counter-protest at UCLA.)

Not only did they self-identify to employers that they are anti-Semites and troublemakers you should never hire, but they were given the most entertaining commencement speaker of all time (maybe the only really entertaining one ever), and they walked out. Jerry previously said he wouldn’t perform at colleges anymore because wokeness had destroyed the students’ sense of humor. But it turns out, it’s not just the wokeness, it’s also the Nazism. And this time, they’re not just Soup Nazis.

The Babylon Bee claims to have identified the ringleader of the anti-Seinfeld walkout. It’s just you’d guess…


Related: Those little morons who walked out on Jerry Seinfeld should’ve been grateful to have any speaker. Ten people have already turned down the “honor” of speaking at Harvard’s graduation.

ed: At least Howard University had a unique and non-Palestinian-related reason for canceling its graduation right in the middle of the commencement speech. When did graduation speeches become the most dangerous pasti

Also relatme in America?

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