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May 20, 2024

UC-Berkeley officials announced that they had negotiated a deal with protesters to end their “encampment” in exchange for the university agreeing to a “comprehensive and rigorous examination” of their “socially-responsible investment strategy.”  The protesters demanded divestment from Israel, but the chancellor admitted that was not permissible.

Just hours after getting what they wanted and agreeing to end the encampment, the protesters broke into the Anna Head Alumnae Hall, took over the building, and hung “Palestinian” flags and banners reading “Free Gaza” and “Avenge Al Shifa.”

As I understand it, universities are supposed to be places where people are taught how to think. UC-Berkeley obviously failed with these people. But how about its own administrators? They tried appeasing terrorist supporters and taking their word on a deal, and they got taken. Will they learn anything from this experience? And if so, will they pass their findings on to their alumni making foreign policy in the Biden Administration?

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These pro-Hamas protests on campus are providing us with one public service, and that’s letting the anti-Semitic, American-hating idiots self-identify. Even if some universities refuse to expel them, arrest them or hold them accountable in any way, at least the faces and names of many of them will be on the Internet forever, when future potential employers do a background check. (Note to college students: If you feel the need to hide your face and name when taking a stand for your principles, it’s a pretty good bet that your principles stink.)

But it’s not just the students who are outing themselves as dangerous, unhinged extremists. It’s also their professors who are joining or defending them. I already shared this Teacher of the Year candidate from UC Davis…

Now, let’s see if we can top even her for lunacy, with one of her academic colleagues from UC-Irvine.

As Bonchie at notes, she should be fired, but she’ll probably be back to polluting young minds in no time. But at least you’ve now been warned, so the young minds she pollutes don’t have to belong to your kids.

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