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May 7, 2024

“Those of us who are pro-Trump lack the imagination to understand how the other side intends to win.”

That was Newt Gingrich speaking on Monday’s HANNITY show, on a situation that’s becoming more and more clear. 

Their plan, he said, is to take Trump out of the race.  (You’d think it would be to take BIDEN out of the race, which, come to think of it, might also be true.)  And the rulings of the judge in the “falsified documents” case, Judge Juan Merchan, are so egregious, one must assume he doesn’t care about appearances as long as he can get away with them.  Gingrich called his courtroom “the most important battlefield of this campaign.”

Sure, Merchan’s rulings --- like the gag order that applies only to Trump --- will be grounds for an appeal, but that doesn’t matter, as appeals take time.  Neither do the charges, which have baffled legal experts seeking some evidence of a crime.  Merchan seems focused like a laser beam on GETTING TRUMP, ideally into prison, where (we would add) Trump’s personal safety will be compromised.  Gingrich believes putting Trump in prison is exactly what this judge plans to do.  He’s hinted that he’ll do it, just on the ridiculous gag order, and should be taken at his word.

“The last thing I want to consider is jail,” Merchan said to Trump in court.  Sure.

“I think it’s very dangerous at the most basic of levels,” Gingrich said.  “Just ask yourself what it would be like to be Trump in prison in New York...I am personally more worried tonight about what I see emerging than anything I’ve seen all year.  They know they can’t beat him if he’s still here, they know they have no answers, they know that Biden’s getting weaker and weaker, they know that the whole situation’s failing, and yet they are desperate to win.”

They hardly have any other strategy available to them, especially if the margin is “too big to rig.”  Democrats looking at even a possible Trump win are starting to publicly express their desperation, not realizing that THEY are the very “enemies of democracy” they’re always railing about.

As a historian, Gingrich said, he looks at what can happen “when faced with a ruthless, corrupt enemy.”  Yes, he means ENEMY.  “These are not competitors,” he said, noting that they took a top official from the DOJ (Matthew Colangelo) “to be a political operative” leading the trial in Manhattan.

“And they will do whatever else they have to do to make sure that by Election Day, Donald Trump is not a competitor.”

By the way, if you want to see how desperate some federal prosecutors are to stop Trump, here’s Jonathan Turley’s take on an increasingly unhinged Andrew Weissmann (now a commentator on MSNBC) speaking in support of Jack Smith and his argument against any presidential immunity.  We’re “one vote away from the end of democracy,” Weissmann says.

Gingrich voiced the concern we’ve had for months about the way the “justice” system is treating President Trump; that is to say, there’s a whole lotta pretendin’ goin’ on.  “The problem is,” he said, “lawyers keep pretending that the rule of law is involved here.  You have a corrupt district attorney [Alvin Bragg], a corrupt state attorney general [Letitia James], a corrupt judge --- his daughter’s making millions out of attacking Donald Trump [as a Democrat consultant fundraising for clients]...You have a lawyer sent from the Justice Department [Conangelo], #3 at Justice, to prosecute Trump, having been a Democratic National Committee consultant [story below], and in the middle of all this, we’re supposed to pretend this is the rule of law.”

But:  “...This is not the rule of law.  This is a corrupt, deliberate assault, worthy of Putin, worthy of Cuba, or worthy of Venezuela.  And we’d better wake up.”

So, what could happen?  “In an ideal world,” he said, “the Supreme Court would proactively intervene, strip this judge of his case.  Every neutral lawyer has said there is no case here; this is an absurdity.  Yet we continue to grind forward, continue to pretend that this is about the rule of law.”

At the minimum, he said, this is a character assassination.  At the maximum, it’s to put Trump in prison.  (We would’ve gone further and say the maximum might create a scenario for ACTUAL assassination, though Dan Bongino has said in past weeks that the Secret Service could shut that down.)

“We had better have an answer,” Gingrich said, for when Merchan makes the move to jail him.

Lara Trump, following Gingrich on the show, agreed completely, saying we must take this very seriously and pointing out that this isn’t just about Trump --- that our constitutional republic “hangs in the balance.”  If they can do this to their biggest political rival, “what kind of country is this going to be?”

“If [Trump] does not stand up for [his] rights as an American citizen...we’re all done.”  If they can do this to him, it’ll only get worse for all of us.

She did point out that this strategy is backfiring for them in the polls.  But that’s why the question must be asked:  if he goes to jail, is the plan by Dem higher-ups even for him to walk out again?

And, yes, in breaking news, Colangelo, the DOJ official now prosecuting Trump, was also paid by the DNC for “political consulting” as recently as January 2018.  In other words, a political hack from the weaponized Biden DOJ is prosecuting President Trump ahead of the election.

Trump attorney Alina Habba, who had been in court Monday, also appeared on Hannity’s show, speaking about the judge’s “clear ambitions and political motivations.”  She noted that this left-wing judge actually acknowledged that Trump is the “possible” future President.

She said out loud what we all know, that “we’re living in a serious dual system of justice.  We’re in a state of crisis when it comes to our judicial system.”

Here are Trump’s statements that Merchan says violated the gag order.  As Matt Margolis noted at PJ MEDIA, “Nothing Trump said appears to be untrue.”

In private, though, Trump has been extremely outspoken about the Biden administration, calling it the Gestapo.  (Hey, if the jackboot fits.)  Of course, this hyperbole leaked to the press.

Trump says if he has to go to jail, so be it.  FOX NEWS has more on that, plus the details of Monday’s hearing.  If this were a normal case, all charges would’ve been dropped after the testimony of former Trump Organization comptroller Jeffrey McConney, who said that, yes, payments to lawyers were “legal expenses” and that Trump never personally asked him to set up the reimbursement payments.  Case dismissed!

This analysis at REDSTATE tells more about the high-level responsibilities of a corporate comptroller, someone who more than likely would’ve been “in the loop.”

Here’s more on McConney’s testimony from the EPOCH TIMES.  (Apologies if you can’t read it, but we think it’s a free one.)  This is yet another case of a prosecution witness helping to exonerate Trump under cross-examination from defense attorneys!

The trial is expected to drag out two or even three more weeks.  We don’t yet know what day Michael Cohen will take the stand, but have your popcorn ready to pop.  Law professor Jonathan Turley observes that before the bailiff administers the oath to this disbarred serial perjurer, Judge Merchan “may have to warn spectators in the courtroom not to laugh.”  We hope they do anyway.



RELATED UPDATE:  Jim Jordan of Ohio, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, announced Monday that he is opening an investigation into the conduct of unconstitutionally-appointed “Special Counsel” Jack Smith, after Smith had to admit last Friday that evidence in the “classified documents” case had been tampered with and that he had misled the court about this.  The chronological order of the documents had changed.  Jordan gets into other problems with Jack Smith’s team here...

Oh, in light of the news that Matthew Colangelo worked for the DNC, Jordan is also calling on the DOJ to release records concerning his strange tenure as roving prosecutor.

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