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May 28, 2024

A new New York Times/Philadelphia Inquirer poll found that 87% of Republicans support Trump while only 76% of Democrats support Biden. Of course, those numbers could change as the election draws near and disgruntled voters “come home” to their party. But the big question is whether enough will come home to save Biden, considering how many of the Democrats’ youth voting bloc are deluded, emotion-driven radicals who are furious at Biden for not stopping Israel from wiping out Hamas terrorists.

What can he possibly do to bring them back, other than complying with their demand to betray Israel, which would lose him even more votes from non-crazy Democrats? Biden’s solution has been to pander more to the far-left, but if we assume that’s the 24% who currently don’t support him, he risks losing a lot of the 76% who do, not to mention Independents.

Meanwhile, Trump has solidified enough of his conservative base that he feels safe going into blue states like New York and making his case to traditional Democrat voters. One candidate is narrowing his appeal in chasing after extremists while the other is trying to widen his appeal to moderates and swing voters. Which do you think is the better strategy in the long run?

I’m under no illusions that Trump may win New York, which Biden won by 23 points in 2020. But the latest Siena poll shows Biden up by only 9 points there. That coupled with Trump’s targeting of New York, and the huge, friendly, multicultural crowd that turned out for him in the Bronx could force the Dems to spend a lot of money just to secure New York instead of spending it in battleground states. And I would be fine with that.

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