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May 2, 2024

The pro-Hamas demonstrations on campuses nationwide are finally being met with police responses. The news is coming too fast for us to keep up with in this newsletter, so I’m going to link you to a page at Fox News that has continually-updated bulletins.

To recap just some of what happened on Tuesday: After Columbia University officials allowed this hateful, violent nonsense to go on far too long, the “protesters” assumed that, all other things in their lives, they could do whatever they want with no consequences, so they took over a building. That finally forced administrators to grow a spine and call the police, who had to stage a raid of the building and clear them out.

Because of Columbia officials’ indulgence of these Infant-ada radicals, police had to risk their lives going into the building where they had no idea what they might encounter on the other side of the doors. Luckily, what they mostly encountered was a dangerous level of moronitude, a toxic cloud of idiocity, and few offensive weapons other than the radicals' mouths but they were protected by a thick shell of unearned privilege. Even the Babylon Bee couldn’t make this up: while illegally “occupying” the building, they demanded to have food delivered to them. I kid you not.

One complained to police who broke down the barricades and came in to arrest them, “It’s finals! Can I go home?”

It took the NYPD only about two hours to clean out their terrorist-supporting hangout. A huge salute to those officers and all police having to deal with cleaning up the messes made by our weak-kneed Marxist university officials. And an extra salute to those officers who pulled down that Palestinian flag and put the American flag back in its rightful place.

About 300 were arrested at Columbia and City College of New York. It’s not clear what will happen to them. They should be expelled, prosecuted and jailed, where they could sit in their cells and think, “Well, I ruined my life, but at least it was for a good cause: Supporting barbaric, murderous, Jew-hating terrorists.”

But this is New York, where prosecutors like Alvin Bragg and Letitia James spend millions trying to jail Trump over paperwork disputes but allow real criminals to run free. So I assume that by the time you read this, they’ll already have been given a cup of hot cocoa and a pat on the head and released so they can go talk to their lawyers about suing the government for arresting them.

Democrats like “Squad” members Jamaal Bowman and AOC are, of course, criticizing the cops and university officials for “overreacting” to violent mobs taking over buildings, attacking Jewish students and shutting down schools. Bowman called them “nonviolent protesters,” and AOC whined on X, "If any kid is hurt tonight, responsibility will fall on the mayor and univ presidents." 

Hey, here's a novel ideal: How about if responsibility falls on them for the first time in their lives? I hope Jewish voters in AOC’s district are taking notes. By the way, I thought she believed that violent protesters who take over buildings should go to prison for 10 years? But I guess that part of the First Amendment only applies to her fellow leftists and not protesters who shut down the building she “works” in.

We also had the College Democrats “commending the bravery” of these pro-Hamas supporters of Jewish genocide, so please bear that in mind during election season.

Meanwhile, at this writing, Los Angeles police are still dealing with the consequences of coddling college brownshirts at UCLA. Jewish students clashed with them last night, and there were injuries. They should have looked to red states on how to deal with this. Like the University of Florida, whose spokesman Steve Orlando the school patiently allowed them to protest for days, and now it’s over. He warned that anyone who set up an illegal pro-Hamas encampment would be suspended and banned from campus for three years, and any employees who helped them would be fired. He said, “This is not complicated: The University of Florida is not a daycare, and we do not treat protesters like children — they knew the rules, they broke the rules, and they’ll face the consequences.” Hallelujah!  I wish that could be put on banners on every campus in America.

If the DOJ and anyone in our blue cities and states had taken that attitude with violent, far-left Antifa rioters four years ago, the idea that they could get away with anything would not have escalated to this level. But no, they were too busy chasing the REAL terrorist threat to America: concerned parents, MAGA voters and pro-life activists.

And just to make it clear that this is a real, organized terrorist threat (who's paying for all those identical tents?), not just a bunch of deluded undergrads playing protester: The Dallas Morning News reports that out of 79 violent protesters arrested Monday at the University of Texas at Austin, over half (45) had no affiliation with the school. They’re outside agitators there to gin up anti-American and anti-Israel violence. So, Merrick Garland! Wake up! We’ve found a real threat to America for you!

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