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May 20, 2024

Leftwing activists love to describe themselves as “progressive” and “pro-science,” but when the science doesn’t go their way, they react like angry villagers burning down Dr. Frankenstein’s lab. Only in the case of “trans medical procedures” on minors, they’re the ones defending Dr. Frankenstein’s style of medicine.

Other nations around the world are finally waking up to the unconscionable quackery of using confused children as guinea pigs in a politicized experiment that’s leaving them sterile, infertile and mutilated. If you care enough about these kids to try to protect them, you’re accused of not caring if “trans kids die” (i.e., if they commit suicide because you believe they’re not thinking clearly enough to know that they shouldn’t destroy their own bodies – which threatening suicide kind of confirms.)

Peru even took the rollback one step further, reclassifying transsexuality as a mental disorder, which set off protests and angry condemnations.

But I’m still waiting for a benign explanation for this study that found youths who identify as transgender were the group at the highest risk of violent radicalization.

The replacement of sound medicine with leftist political activism is swiftly turning America into a holdout Third World nation where genital mutilation is still a-okay. But at last, people other than those of us on the right are willing to risk the attacks and “cancel” attempts by the trans fanatics and are speaking up to protect children.

For instance, British pediatrician Dr. Hilary Cass, whose research study finding scant evidence supporting “gender-affirming care" convinced the UK government to reel it back, told the New York Times that US medical associations are ignoring the evidence and misleading the public by continuing to promote this stuff.

Even Bill Maher on his HBO show Friday said he believes our medical associations are too afraid to admit what other nations already have accepted and get back to “someplace sane,” adding, “I don’t think we should be doing medical interventions on kids before they can figure out who they are.”

I don’t know why it’s so hard for some people to admit that it’s wrong to pump kids full of hormones and drugs and cut off vital body parts because they feel confused about their bodies while going through puberty, as many kids have since the dawn of time. Why would anyone believe something as absurd as the claim that puberty-blockers are completely “safe and reversible”?

Think about it: if you buy a bottle of aspirin, it comes with a pamphlet listing all the potential side effects that takes up more space in the box than the pill bottle. Every commercial for every drug has that speeded-up narrator voice reeling off all the possible side effects, from itchy scalp to deadly comas. If politics haven’t trumped medical facts, then why are the only drugs that allegedly have no side effects whatsoever chemicals powerful enough to halt a natural developmental stage that all humans go through, and of course, COVID vaccines?

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