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May 6, 2024

It’s up to us --- all of us --- to talk up the problems in the “financial records” case against former President Trump that’s taking place in Judge Juan Merchan’s Manhattan courtroom, because Merchan’s gag order is largely prohibiting President Trump from doing so.

For example, Trump isn’t even allowed to mention that before Michael Colangelo joined the Manhattan DA’s office to become lead prosecutor against him on this case, he spent two years in a much loftier position, as Biden’s acting associate attorney general in Attorney General Merrick Garland’s office.  Colangelo was third in command, right behind Lisa Monaco, whom we suspect is running the whole show, which would make him second in command.  Goodness, what did Colangelo do to deserve such a demotion?

Kidding.  His “demotion” was part of the plan.  A look at Colangelo’s resume shows that he’s made a veritable career of trying to take down Trump.  When he was demoted --- I mean hired --- in 2022 to serve in Bragg’s office (after Bragg’s investigation of the Stormy Daniels payment arrangement was underway), he said, “Assisting with the District Attorney on financial crimes will promote confidence in the legal system by making clear that the rules apply to everyone --- no matter how powerful.”

But Colangelo’s activities have sent just the opposite message.  This case is destroying confidence in the legal system by showing the rules are applied very differently to President Trump.  Trump can’t say anything about Colangelo and his take-down mission without risking jail time, so we have to.

This Tuesday, which marked the start of Week 3 of the trial, Judge Merchan slapped President Trump with $9,000 in fines and warned him that he was risking jail time if he continued speaking out.

But the rest of us can still say what we want, and former acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker says Colangelo is “the one who connects all this…” to orchestrate the various cases, timing them to keep President Trump off the campaign trail.

As reported by the DAILY CALLER, Rep. Lance Gooden of Texas wrote a letter to the DOJ and Bragg on Tuesday to ask for all “records and communications” relating to Colangelo’s hiring, noting the “pressing questions” it raised.  Gooden pointed out that while “serious underlying issues substantially overshadow the integrity and fairness of the trial, the New York judge instead issued a gag order barring President Trump from raising concerns about witnesses, prosecutors, court staff, and jurors, which includes Colangelo as one of the prosecutors.”

Many thanks to Rep. Gooden for asking those pressing questions, because President Trump --- the defendant! --- is forbidden to do so while his adversaries prattle on.

Let’s see…what else about this case should we talk about while Trump isn’t allowed to?  How about “star witness” Michael Cohen, who’s been making money on TikTok by trashing Trump, even posting a picture of the former President in an orange jumpsuit?  We thought gag orders were designed to protect defendants against this kind of abuse from witnesses and court officials and potential influencing of jurors.  Because it’s Trump, that principle has been turned on its head.

Greg Gutfeld is one of those speaking up about the case and the gag order, notably in his GUTFELD! monologue from Thursday night.  “It’s funny,” Gutfeld said.  “A city that can’t keep violent felons in jail wants to lock up a President for talking.  Their priorities are more out of whack than a morning show hosted by people who hate each other.” 

Trump’s not supposed to talk about Stormy Daniels, either.  Judge Merchan is letting her tweet out crass remarks about Trump that he’s not allowed to respond to.

And, let’s see, what else can Trump not talk about without risking jail time?  Judge Merchan’s daughter.  So Gutfeld talked about that: “Meanwhile, Judge Merchan’s daughter, Lauren, a progressive political hack, is sending out solicitations invoking the Trump trial, raising millions for her clients.”

Here’s that story:  Two of Loren Merchan’s Democrat clients reportedly raised about $93 million in campaign donations off the case, which was used in campaign solicitations.  Loren is president of Authentic Campaigns, a “progressive” election consulting firm.  This presents a huge conflict of interest for her father the judge, though he (of course) refused to recuse himself.  This whole trial should be tossed out just because of this, as if there weren’t enough other reasons.

Anyway, Gutfeld noted that Loren’s clients include such Democrat luminaries as California Rep. and senatorial candidate Adam Schiff, who served as lead prosecutor at Trump’s first impeachment.  Here’s that full story...

Gutfeld moved on to talk about convicted perjurer Cohen, saying he’s now “as popular with the left as Hamas.”  Hey, that’s popular!  “To call this guy a liar,” he said, “is like calling Hitler a bit moody.”

“Now he blames Trump for the work that HE did,” he said of the now-disbarred Cohen, “which is like a patient getting prescribed the wrong medicine but then getting sued by the hospital...This guy makes Michael Avenatti look like Clarence Darrow.”

Gutfeld played a clip of Trump speaking in generalities about the case (which seems to be okay, but it’s still a risk because of the subjectivity involved), saying, “This gag order is not only unique, it’s totally unconstitutional...This is a corrupt system we’re in, and I think the people are understanding it.”

Yes, they ARE understanding it.  And, as Gutfeld said, “ anyone with a pulse knows --- and that’s not you, Joe Biden --- trying to gag Trump is like trying to put a cork in Mount Vesuvius. It’s not happening.  Because isn’t it nice to have a President who doesn’t need a teleprompter?”

Then he cut to a clip of Trump making fun of an out-of-it Biden trying to read his teleprompter and saying “pause” out loud.  So refreshing, and darn funny, at least until you remember that our current President really is THAT impaired.

“...Despite the legal farce,” Gutfeld said, “Trump’s cracking jokes and living his best life...All these cases did for Trump is make him a better version of Trump.  His numbers are up; his performance is sharper, funnier, even looser; and more and more Americans look back at his tenure as President fondly.  Who knew the courtroom would lead to a Trump boom?”  “Trump is “Jaws,” he said, “and the Biden campaign is gonna need a bigger boat.”

That might be, and the Biden campaign is scared to death that all this lawfare has backfired. But for now, with so much at stake, if there are some areas of the case Trump isn’t permitted to mention, we’re happy to talk ALL about them.  The witnesses, the judge, the conflicts of interest, the twisted law, the lack of an actual crime, all of it.  The election interference.  And we hope you will, too.  There’s no gag order on us.  When Trump does emerge, it should be to focus on how to fix the unholy mess Biden has given us.

To help you understand this Alice In Wonderland prosecution enough to talk about it, Victoria Taft of PJ Media explains what’s going on. People are conspiring to convict Trump of conspiracy to do something that isn’t even a crime and to magically steal the 2016 election by allegedly falsifying business records in 2017. Make sense now? No, of course not, but that doesn’t matter in this court.

RELATED:  As you know, the House Judiciary Committee is now investigating the ties Colangelo has with the DOJ, Bragg’s office and the White House.  As Chairman Jim Jordan wrote to Attorney General Merrick Garland, “That a former senior Biden Justice Department official is now leading the prosecution of President Biden’s chief political rival only adds to the perception that the Biden Justice Department is politicized and weaponized.”  Gosh, who would’ve thought?  Excellent summary here…

ALSO RELATED:  Prosecution witness Keith Davidson, an attorney involved in the negotiations for Trump’s nondisclosure agreements with both Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, disputed prosecutor Joshua Steinglass’ characterization of the payments as “hush money” or even “a payout” when he testified this week.  Steinglass had obviously wanted to use more loaded terms for transactions that were actually on the up-and-up, but his own witness corrected him.

“It wasn’t a ‘payout’ and it wasn’t ‘hush money,’” Davidson said on the stand.  “It was consideration in a civil settlement.”

Of course, it also wasn’t an election-related expense.  More at THE EPOCH TIMES…

Not only that, but Davidson also testified that Cohen was “despondent” --- so despondent he might even kill himself --- when he didn’t get a White House job, specifically either Attorney General or chief of staff, after Trump won in 2016.  That doesn’t say much for Cohen’s credibility as a prosecution witness, as if he had any in the first place (Spoiler alert: he has NONE.) He was furious at Trump, likely out for revenge.

Here’s more from Matt Margolis at PJ MEDIA, including thoughts from FOX NEWS legal analyst Gregg Jarrett about how the reversal of the Harvey Weinstein case might affect this one.

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