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May 6, 2024

Not only do a majority of voters say they believe these prosecutions are politically-motivated, but a new Quinnipiac Poll blows away their last remaining hope. They actually think that if they can just get a biased judge and biased jury in a Trump-hating district to find him guilty of something criminal, Trump’s voters will at last turn on him. Guess they didn’t notice his poll numbers going up after those outrageous civil suit fines in New York.

Sorry, Dems, but nobody’s buying your horse manure anymore. The new poll found that if Trump is convicted, 21% of voters say they would be less likely to vote for him (I assume they’d never vote for him anyway), 62% say it would make no difference, and 15% say it would make them MORE likely to vote for him. Among Republicans, 31% would be MORE likely to vote for him. As that Revolver News analysis points out, a conviction not only won’t cost Trump his base, it will make them rally harder for him.

Related: Democrats hoped to keep Trump tied down in courtrooms and unable to campaign.  But he’s taking advantage of being in New York to visit with the people today’s Democrats don’t care about and whose lives they're making miserable, like shop clerks, construction workers, cops and firefighters. 

While New York Democrats were trying to paper over their youth base acting like Brown Shirts, Trump visited a fire station and brought the firefighters pizza. One of them could be heard on video saying, “Sir, save us, please save us.” Now, watch the Dems try to identify that firefighter so they can punish him for saying what every American with a brain is thinking.

I’d love to have the Excedrin concession at Democratic National Headquarters today.

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