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May 8, 2024

In another court win for Trump, the Georgia Court of Appeals has agreed to hear their application to have Fulton County DA Fani Willis removed from that absurd RICO case of hers.

Many legal analysts were astonished that Judge Scott McAfee allowed her to continue after all that was revealed about her private romantic relationship with her well-paid prosecutor, her dishonesty and corruption, and her public attempt to tar defendants who complained about her as racists. One thing we’re learning from these Trump show trials is that if any justice is done at all, it’s going to be at the appellate level, not the local trial level.

Let’s hope that she’s not only removed but that the case goes to a different prosecutor who’s not willing to pervert RICO laws to enact vengeance on political opponents, so that all these charges will be dropped and sanity will prevail once again in Georgia.

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