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May 16, 2024

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) is allegedly the “leading authority in the field of gender medicine” (I’m assuming that was a self-anointed title, like Michael Jackson declaring himself the “King of Pop.”) It was their “guidance” that was used by the radical trans movement to push barbaric quackery onto confused children over their parents' objections.

But recently, some internal WPATH communications revealed that their doctors were privately aware that they were pushing experimental treatments that might have dangerous and irreversible effects. Along with new European studies finding little evidence that surgery and hormones for minors do more good than harm, and that most gender-confused kids grow out of it, these revelations have caused medical authorities in a growing number of nations to put the brakes on butchering kids' bodies. Not here, though, where the Biden Administration is still in thrall to the radical trans lobby.

Well, maybe this will slap some reality into them. Using freedom of information laws, the Daily Caller News Foundation has forced the release of more WPATH records, including videos from a 2022 Montreal summit meeting. You can see them at this link:

You’ll hear doctors admit that the entire field of cross-sex hormones is “off-label.” A surgeon admits that trying to convert female genitals to male has “complications,” such as permanent bladder function issues and tissue death, but calls it an “adventure” for young people. One doctor says children should be informed that the hormones will likely make them infertile, but if they still want it, he’ll prescribe it anyway. And while WPATH official guidelines say that mental health should be considered, these doctors say that even patients who have schizophrenia or psychotic episodes should still receive the treatments.

Now that the horrific callousness of using confused children as guinea pigs for a politically-motivated wave of quackery is finally being exposed, I hope and pray that Americans will finally wake up and ban this barbarism, and that one day, people will look back on the whole “transing children” era as an inexplicable and unforgivable, society-wide psychotic episode.

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