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June 28, 2024

I don’t make predictions very often because in most situations there are just too many unknowns.  But for at least three years, I have been absolutely convinced that Joe Biden wouldn’t be the nominee for President in 2024 and that the Democrats had a plan to replace him on the ticket with someone who is not Kamala Harris.

I can’t remember how long ago it was --- I think about two-and-a-half years --- that I wrote a piece for the newsletter offering that prediction on-the-record.  And so, who would Biden’s replacement be?  Well, as I said then, it would have to be someone guaranteed to keep the Obama machine going, with the same cast of characters hopping aboard that train (if they had ever departed from it).  Also, someone who came with huge name recognition and star quality to make a big splash quickly.  Someone who might be sold to the country as a “healer” and even mother figure in this time of antipathy and chaos.  Someone a bit younger, who might be seen as a possible two-termer.  (Hillary’s too old for that, and she has too much lead-filled baggage that we all know about.)  Finally --- very important for Democrats --- this would be someone who checked the same DEI boxes Kamala checked.

The only Democrat I could come up with who filled that bill was Michelle Obama.

How I wanted to be wrong about that, because if she were the nominee, I knew there would be an outright coronation by the media, before any election was held!  Heck, why even have an election?  They’d just crown her immediately, and the Supreme Court would say we didn’t have standing to sue.

Many observers have said for years that she’d never do it, that she just hates politics too much, she likes her life as it is, etc. etc.  But you know the DNC would give her THE MOON if she agreed to do this, with absolutely everything on her terms.  She’d really just be “the face.”  And over the months and years, I’ve seen signs from time to time that hinted to me, she’s in.

One was a podcast interview she did several months ago, in which she addressed her off-putting comments from years ago about never before being proud of her country.  Her host didn’t bring up those old comments; SHE did, unprompted, obviously so she could “fix” them.  That sure seems like something a would-be candidate would do.

Some have said that neither Kamala nor First Lady Jill Biden will go quietly, but the Democrats will make them offers they can’t refuse.  With Jill, they can level with her that one way or another, she’s NOT going to be First Lady after January.  But if she leads Joe into “retirement,” she’ll have a cushy high-paid board of directors job or whatever other reward she can negotiate.

Buzz Patterson at REDSTATE wrote even before the debate on rumors he’s heard about a Democrat plan to dump Biden and replace him with (sigh) Hillary Clinton.  Now, Buzz was the Air Force Military Aide to President Bill Clinton, which means he carried the “nuclear football” and was near Bill and Hillary all the time.  “When it came to rudeness,” he writes, “it was Hillary Clinton who was the most feared person in the administration.”

He was warned on his first day that “if you make her mad, she’ll rip your heart out.”  There were “different” rules for interacting with her --- or, rather NOT interacting, as she did not want encounters with the hired help.  (I’m reminded of the Medusa; dare to look at her and be turned to stone.)  Perhaps you recall that she tried to get military uniforms banned from the White House.  Buzz suspects that Hillary is on the “shortlist” to be Biden’s replacement, and says, “If she runs, I will dedicate this space to raining hell on her campaign.  [As should we all.]  The Clintons are corrupt beyond words.  Hillary is evil, vindictive and profane.”

His piece is subscription-only, but if you can’t read it, I think you get the idea.

And, yes, he does know the Clintons all too well, so well that he wrote a book on how Bill endangered national security, called DERELICTION OF DUTY.

One reason I don’t think Hillary will be the nominee is that she seems to be much more in sympathy with Israel than the core “progressives” who run the party now.

But whoever Biden’s replacement is --- and it’s inevitable now that he’ll have one --- I think this person is Obama’s personal choice and was chosen long ago.  Don’t let them fool you with this sudden “panic” at seeing The Real Joe Biden and suddenly realizing they’ve got to replace him.  For the party elite, that has surely been the plan all along, and letting him crash and burn during the debate was almost certainly a set-up to facilitate that.  For the media and party rank-and-file, the panic is more authentic, because till now they’ve been willing subjects of a mass hypnosis, pretending that the emperor had clothes, and a functioning brain.

It’s been painfully obvious lately that Biden couldn’t possibly handle a 90-minute debate against Trump.  Maybe six months ago, with enough pharmaceuticals coursing through his shriveled veins, he could’ve gotten through it, but now, President Biden CAN’T DO IT.  The fact that he was brought to the debate stage anyway tells us the crash-and-burn was intended.  Biden was so grotesquely awful, I even wonder if they withheld some of his brain meds.  Nothing would surprise me.

J. D. Rucker at LIBERTY DAILY has been saying “for months” that Biden would not be the nominee, as he wrote Thursday after the debate.  And he agrees about the debate being a set-up as well.  He said the debate “was the springboard upon which corporate media proxies of the UniParty Swamp will take turns stabbing Biden in a coordinated political assassination plot.”  Figuratively speaking, of course.

As Marjorie Taylor Greene said on X: “They aren’t shocked about Joe Biden’s severe age-related issues.  They KNOW, they see him EVERYDAY.  This was on purpose…”

Rucker also quotes DC Draino, who posted this: “Make no mistake.  This wide-ranging Democrat reaction to have Joe Biden step down is coordinated.  This is not organic.  The machine set this debate trap for Biden, waited for the right moment, and now the knives are out.  Et tu Barack?”

Matt Margolis at PJ MEDIA was surprised at the diminished “Biden” --- as opposed to angry State of the Union “Biden” --- that showed up for the debate.  I’m a little surprised that he’s surprised.  But his title is great: “Who Thought It Was a Good Idea to Let Biden Debate?”  My answer:  No one would think this was a good idea unless the real aim were to set him up for a huge and very public fall.


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  • Beverly Clark

    06/29/2024 12:07 AM

    I would guess it will be Michelle who would likely beat Trump. But watch who she selects as VP as I predict she will resign some time in her first term and turn it over to her VP. The Dems need her just to win, then they don’t care who is Pres. as long as he/she obeys those who are ruling the party.

  • Allen Wood

    06/28/2024 09:16 PM

    Nailed it.

  • Allen Wood

    06/28/2024 06:34 PM

    right on.

  • Jim Robinson

    06/28/2024 05:28 PM

    I was driving during the debate and just listened to it on the car radio. It seemed to me that Trump won, but not by a great margin. After I got home, I watched most of it as a replay. Being able to watch Joe Biden crash and burn… And to see his facial expressions did totally change my perception. Our president has nothing in the tank. He is empty. It is shameful that his handlers allowed this! He is even more far gone than I thought he was, and I am deeply concerned about not knowing who is really running this country.

  • Lonnie Glynn Hopson

    06/28/2024 05:09 PM

    The Moocher, moochelle obama, is the LEAST qualified person in the US to be president. Not only that, but it would put barracky boy back in the White House, and THAT is unacceptable! Both of them had their turn on the carrousel, it is time for them to go with the clintons...into obscurity!