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July 8, 2024

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Well, we’re back from our brief vacation from the daily news! Did anything happen while we were gone?

No, I’m only joking. My writers and I were VINOs: Vacationers In Name Only. We were supposed to be relaxing on a much-needed break, but we couldn’t resist constantly checking the news, if for no other reason than to watch the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) having a volcanic meltdown over having to face the truth that they’ve worked so hard to bury for the past four years or so. If it didn’t have such grave implications, it would be more entertaining than a rodeo.

On the other hand, it was probably just as well that we stepped away and let them ride the tornado, since it would have been impossible for us to keep up with chronicling all the crazy talk and wild 180-degree turns. Even after a week, the cyclone has yet to settle, but I can at least catch you up on all the dust it raised over the past seven days.

BREAKING NEWS: As of this morning, Biden is sticking with his refusal to drop out, as he told Congressional Democrats who are urging him to (pardon the expression) pull the plug. He’s also still refusing to take a cognitive test (he claims that doing his job of “running the world” is like taking a cognitive test every day. I’ve seen how he does his job, and he’s failing the test.)

To recap: When we last tuned in to the political soap opera, “As the Stomach Turns,” President Biden had just had a 90-minute senior moment billed as a debate, and all the media outlets that have worked so hard over the past few years to cover up his cognitive decline and attack anyone who dared mention it were forced to feign shock – SHOCK, I say! – at “discovering” things were this bad. Biden sycophants like Joe Scarborough and the New York Times, which just weeks before were telling us he was better than ever and sharp as a hound’s tooth, were suddenly calling on him to step aside. The fact that these DNC mouthpieces were both outrageously biased and objectively wrong should come as no surprise. As Paula Bolyard of PJ Media points out, the Times is the outlet that denied Stalin’s famines, won a Pulitzer for its intense coverage of the Russiagate hoax, and in 1903 declared that it would take 10 million years for man to fly, 69 days before the Wright Brothers made the first heavier-than-air flight. They're wrong about pretty much everything.

While the media scrambled to defend its indefensible ignorance (or propaganda, take your pick), and the White House fired off more excuses than John Belushi in “The Blues Brothers” (including that Biden was sick, even though he followed the debate with an appearance at a crowded Waffle House), Democrat politicians were reeling and discombobulated. Some, fearing Biden would drag the entire party down with him like the Titanic, called on him to quit the race. Others stuck by him, assuming that the combination of media support, the rabid hatred of Trump they’d spoonfed to their followers and Americans’ short attention spans would cause the debate shock to recede. They also assumed they could get him back to the scripted appearances between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. and people would think, “Oh, thank goodness! He seemed to have dementia, but it’s getting better with time, because that’s a thing that happens.”

It's not working out that way, though, because all the teleprompters and friendly “interviewers” in the world can’t keep Biden from displaying his cognitive problems. The big “save” interview with George Stephanopoulos was reviewed as not as horrific as the debate, but not reassuring, either.

Even the ABC News panel couldn’t hide their dismay…

Biden again claimed he was tired and jet-lagged from traveling the world (he’d been holed up at Camp David for over a week) and offered a creative new excuse, that Trump distracted him by shouting at him when his mic was turned off (Fact check: It was a split screen so we know Trump did not shout at him, and if he had, it would have been picked up by Biden’s mic.) 

He also claimed the polls showing him down were wrong and said that he would only quit the race “if the Lord Almighty comes down” and tells him to. If I were him, I wouldn’t be challenging the Lord to give me a sign to get out of the race. I also enjoyed the part when he accused Trump of being a “congenital liar,” adding, “This is a guy who told us to put bleach in our arms to deal with COVID,” yet another thoroughly debunked lie that he repeats congenitally.

Here's a transcript of the interview, if you understandably don’t want to watch it again or ever:

Throughout the previous week, Biden continued to make appearances insisting that he was all there and staying in, while also making jaw-dropping gaffes, like saying he put NATO together (it was formed when he was six)…

…That he was proud to be the first black woman to serve with a black President…

…That he served as a "public defender in the civil rights movement" (Spoiler alert: he didn’t)…

…And telling a crowd in Philadelphia, “Even when I was running for Senate, each time I ran – quite frankly, not a joke – Philadelphia, in particularly, got me across the line. No, I’m not joking..,No, I mean it, seriously. Organizationally and in terms of fundraising, the whole deal.” Philadelphia is in Pennsylvania, and he was the Senator from Delaware.

As all this was going on, liberal media outlets were desperately attempting to perform some long-belated acts of journalism, in hopes of salvaging both their shredded reputations and the Dems’ electoral chances. They suddenly started reporting “shocking revelations,” like New York Magazine’s article, “The Conspiracy of Silence to Protect Joe Biden.” It claims that interviews going back to January found that Biden’s friends were worried about his obvious cognitive decline, including him not being able to remember their names (of course, the magazine had this information for months and sat on it until now, apparently not remembering they were supposed to be journalists)…

Axios revealed that the White House provides Biden with detailed instructions on how to walk to a podium at live events…

And two black radio hosts revealed that the White House gave them questions to ask Biden, prompting one of the hosts to “part ways” with the station, I assume not voluntarily. Imagine actually being surprised to learn that Biden’s questions from friendly media outlets were scripted. Anyone who pays attention has known that for years.

But some media outlets, like the ever-loyal MSNBC, went from “He’s gotta quit!!” panic to “Calm down, he could still beat Trump,” which is literally all that matters to them (and some polls show there are a lot of Democrats who don’t even care if Biden is a vegetable as long as his unelected and unaccountable staffers continue to inflict leftwing policies on us, which is sort of the opposite of that “democracy” they claim to defend, but whatever.) And the A.P. attempted to split the difference, taking a “Fiery but mostly peaceful protest” approach with this headline: “Biden at 81: Sharp and focused, but sometimes confused and forgetful.” Thank goodness the presidency is a part time job.

Tony Morrison at the Discern Report explains how the media reached this low ebb of trustworthiness and sold its soul, ethics and nation out to political partisanship, and why nobody should pay any attention to what they say about this subject anymore after their years of lies.

All this prompted the ever-quotable Sen. John Kennedy to observe, “I think President Biden politically is as dead as fried chicken. You can’t successfully run for President of the United States when your campaign slogan is ‘I’m only senile some of the time.’”

So where does all this leave us over a week later? As the Magic 8-Ball says, “Answer unclear, ask again later.” Will the Democrats manage to backstab Biden like Caesar and clear the decks for another candidate? If so, who? Will they risk alienating minority voters by installing rich, white male/failed Governor Gavin Newsom? Or will they “Go Kamikaze With Kamala”? Find out tomorrow on the next thrilling episode of “As the Stomach Turns…”

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