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More Chinese intrigue surrounding Biden documents

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State of the Union Response

Next Tuesday, after President Biden gives his State of the Union Address, and for once starts shaking hands with actual people afterward, the Republican response will be given by the new Governor of Arkansas, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Yes, I'm very proud, and I'm sure she'll do a fantastic job. I think the GOP showed great wisdom and discretion in picking her to respond to what Biden is going to say, and not me.

War on Religious Freedom

If you don’t believe that modern culture is waging war on religious freedom, then check out this story about the First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida. They’re under fire by LGBTQ activists for requiring those who want to be members to sign a statement on Biblical sexuality. It states that God created people as male or female, and that’s a fixed matter of biology, not choice. Also that God, not government, created the institution of marriage, which is between a man and a woman, and is the only context for sexual desire and expression.

Another Woke Narrative Crumbles

A group of Hispanic state lawmakers in deep blue Connecticut proposed following my daughter Sarah’s (I guess I should call her Governor Sarah) lead in banning the term “Latinx” from government documents. They say the “gender-neutral” woke invention is offensive to them and was created by people outside of their culture. One lawmaker said, "The Spanish language, which is centuries old, defaults to Latino for everybody. It’s all-inclusive. They didn’t need to create a word, it already exists."

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