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Taking a stand

In an encouraging sign that society might be shaking off its woke self-hypnosis and that women are fed up with being erased from their own sports by the trans bully cancel culture mob, pro surfer Bethany Hamilton has taken a public stand against the World Surf League’s new rules allowing “trans women” to compete. Hamilton said the only way for competition to be fair for everyone is for the WSL to create a new division for trans surfers, and until they change this rule, she will not participate in any WSL events. This is how all women athletes should have reacted from day one, rather than being bullied into pretending that “Lia Thomas” is a stunning and brave woman despite “her” obvious muscular male physique and genitalia packed into a women’s swimsuit.


Worse off under Biden

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll found that 41% of Americans say they’re worse off financially since Biden became President, the most since this poll began 37 years ago. Here’s my question: Only 41%?! The same poll found that just 16% say they’re better off financially since Biden became President (do we really have that many fentanyl dealers?) It also found that Biden’s overall approval rating is a low 42%, including 37% approval on his handling of the economy and 28% on border security. Sixty percent of Democrats want another candidate in 2024, and 62% of Americans would be disappointed or even angry if he were reelected.

Thank you, FBI

Thankfully proving that they still can arrest someone other than parents and pro-life activists, the FBI has arrested a man and a woman for allegedly plotting to attack electrical substations and take down the power grid of Baltimore.  The two reportedly have prior prison records for serious crimes and hold “extremist” neo-Nazi views. There’s much more detail at the link above. Here's a big salute to the agents who caught them.

Encouraging Sign

The Grammy Awards

The Party of Division

Democrats for Socialism

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