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    April 7, 2022

    Good evening!

    Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

    Today's newsletter includes:

    • If it weren't for double standards department
    • Jon Stewart buys in
    • And more…


    Mike Huckabee


    Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

    Isaiah 5:20

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    “If It Weren’t For Double Standards” Dept

    New York City Mayor Eric Adams launched a campaign to try to get people to move back from Florida by falsely claiming that they can’t say “Gay” there, but they can say whatever they want in New York. So at the press conference, a city employee and mom asked why Adams is still forcing two-year-olds to wear face masks in day care. She was promptly fired.

    Jon Stewart buys in

    It’s sad to see someone like Jon Stewart, who is very intelligent and famous for independent, contrarian thought, completely buying into the ridiculous propaganda that America is a vicious racist hierarchy where black people can never achieve the American Dream.

    Just off the top of my head, I could name a black American woman who in only a couple of years went from owing over $200,000 in student loan, credit card and IRS debt to being a famous, celebrated multi-millionaire, and all she had to do was lose an election and whine about it.

    Eric Boehlert RIP

    Liberal media critic Eric Boehlert died Tuesday night at 57 when he was struck by a train while riding a bicycle in Montclair, New Jersey.

    Boehlert was an ardent liberal, a co-founder of Salon, a senior fellow with Media Matters and a contributor to MSNBC, Rolling Stone and similar outlets. As you might imagine, there were few issues where he and I saw eye to eye. But I am genuinely saddened to hear about this tragedy, and I offer my sincere condolences and prayers to his family. While Boehlert and I disagreed on politics, he approached his job with professionalism and a lack of histrionics that’s unfortunately all too rare these days.

    Least Surprising News of the Day

    Wikipedia is lying when it claims to be politically neutral.

    Election 2022: More bad news for Democrats

    Tuesday’s elections in which Republicans in local races crushed their opponents support the turn against Democrats that we’ve been seeing in polls. And the latest bad omen for the Dems came with focus groups of two of their strongest voting blocs by HIT Strategies. They were blacks 25 and older who always vote Democrat and young people 25-39 who always vote Democrat.

    They don’t seem to be buying the Democrats’ pitch about the economy booming under Biden. They complain that everything costs more and they’re having trouble making ends meet. They complained about rampant crime and liberal DA’s releasing crooks. They’re tired of COVID restrictions and aren’t that enthusiastic about voting because they think the Dems have been ineffectual.

    Stories like that have some far-left thinkers like AOC pushing the idea of going whole-hog on the radical leftism and trying to shove as much of it onto the nation as possible before they’re kicked out of office. There are also trial balloons about trying to resurrect a scaled-down version of the “Build Back Better” boondoggle bill. It was already killed by Sen. Joe Manchin, but now it appears that any attempts to reanimate a Mini-Me of it are already doomed. This time, it’s Arizona Sen. Krysten Sinema who’s reportedly telling supporters in private that that dog is dead.

    Running out of options for buying votes, President Biden just pulled a Hail Mary play and at the urging of Senate Democrats, once again extended the moratorium on making student loan payments until August. They claim if we don’t extend this program yet again, loan delinquency rates may skyrocket.

    But as Spencer Brown at points out at that link, the argument that we must continue COVID relief programs to keep Americans out of bankruptcy contradicts the White House messaging that thanks to Biden, the economy is booming and everyone is finding good-paying jobs.

    There’s also the problem that putting off paying back student loans until August means that unless it’s extended yet again, people will get hit with the bills just as campaign season is heating up.

    One could easily draw a comparison between people with high student loan debt that they can’t repay and Democrats desperate to cling to their power and offices despite the dismal results of their policies. In both cases, they spent too much, didn’t think about the long-term consequences and assumed a day of reckoning would never arrive. Yet, here it comes.

    Federal Judge acquits J6 defendant on all counts

    I think it’s safe to say at this point that only Democrats desperate to save their reelections and Republicans suffering from terminal Trump Derangement Syndrome still think the January 6th Capitol riot was a serious attempt at “insurrection” or a major ongoing problem that deserves even more attention – aside from the scandalous politicized double standards of our current “Justice” Department.

    Those who were hoping to keep the outrage alive were dealt a huge blow Tuesday when January 6th defendant Matthew Martin was acquitted on all counts by federal Judge Trevor McFadden. Martin had been over-charged worse than a tourist in Manhattan. He was facing four misdemeanor charges for allegedly “entering and remaining in a restricted building, disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building, violent entry and disorderly conduct in a Capitol building, as well as parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol building.” (I love that “parading” charge; I picture him marching back and forth in a band uniform from “The Music Man.”)

    But Martin argued that he didn’t break in or commit any violence. He didn’t even know it was a restricted building. He said people were streaming in and the Capitol Police were letting them, so he assumed it was an open public building. The judge found that video showed that claim was at least plausible, and prosecutors offered no evidence to the contrary. He called Martin’s conduct “about as minimal as I can imagine.”

    But here’s what truly exposed the naked politicization of our justice system: Judge McFadden pointed out the glaring difference between the way the Biden DOJ treats leftwing and rightwing protesters. They wanted Martin to get 75 days in jail for simply walking into the Capitol and looking around. Yet the judge noted that they requested only 10 days for a “Code Pink” protester who disrupted the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, returned three weeks later to do it again in violation of a stay-away order, knocked a chair into a bystander while being arrested, and had 14 prior arrests.

    McFadden said that prior to the January 6th cases, he’d never seen nonviolent, first-time misdemeanor defendants sentenced to serious jail time, and said, “It does feel like the government has had two standards here, and I can’t abide by that.” He didn’t even go into all the leftist rioters and looters who were immediately released while grannies who took selfies on January 6th were treated like ISIS terrorists.

    You can tell how damaging this is to the literally Trumped-up January 6th narrative by the hair-on-fire reaction from leftists on social media. They railed against the judge, pointing out ominously that he’s a Trump appointee. Well, then that’s one of the few good things Trump did that Biden hasn’t been able to ruin.

    I wonder if they have enough self-awareness to grasp how stupid it sounds to accuse a judge of bias and favoritism because he insists that all defendants be treated equally under the law.

    I Just Wanted to Say:

    Thank you for reading the Evening Edition.

    For more news of my news coverage, visit my website here.

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    Comments 11-15 of 15

    • Daniel Gist

      04/07/2022 11:47 PM

      Thank You for the time to send this information out. It is so hard to get the truth.

    • Bonnie Mattaliano

      04/07/2022 11:33 PM

      I love your sense of humor and your sarcasm and your calm demeanor. I'm supportive of Sarah and, having read her book about when she was White House press secretary, totally feel she is qualified to be anything she wants to be. That Psaki chick is messed up, but we can circle back to that another time. Just want you to know I am Standing for the Truth, Honoring God and Loving my Country!!

    • Debbie Gillespie

      04/07/2022 10:46 PM

      Mike, what is being done to prevent the Dems from cheating in the midterms like they did the presidential election? I am so concerned that they don't seem to care about the polls, which says to me they are planning to cheat again! Please address this in one of your newsletters.

      Thank you!
      Debbie from Plant City, Florida
      Home of the greatest Governor in the country (right now!).

    • Paul Kern

      04/07/2022 09:45 PM

      The left is running on steroids it appears. Your articles confirmed what I already thought the fake "news" encyclopedia. I grew up reading the printed dictionaries and encyclopedias. Ss a Believer I have used good Bible dictionaries and thesaurus and such.
      As a last gasp they now have AG Garland indicting Trump. The left and RNC establishment are like a pack of wolves. McConnel and the rest are heading for a Showdown at the OK Corral. It will be a slaughter as more wake up to festering rot they call the federal government.

    • Darrell Parks

      04/07/2022 09:00 PM

      Move to New York from Florida? Seems like half the people in Florida moved there FROM New York to get away from the New York mess.

    News Feed

    McConnell will step down as Senate Republican Leader in November

    Mitch McConnell announced Wednesday that he will step down as Senate Republican Leader in November. He is the longest-serving party leader in US history. He did not say if this has anything to do with the criticism he’s received from conservatives or with his recent health issues that caused him to freeze up in mid-sentence a time or two. But while he will no longer be the GOP leader, he intends to continue serving in the Senate at least through the end of his current term in January 2027.

    And here’s a surprise: Robert Kennedy Jr. suggested that McConnell be replaced by Sen. Rand Paul. RFK Jr. tweeted, “It’s time to promote leaders in Washington, DC, who won’t kowtow to the military contractors or push us deeper into foreign conflicts. We need representation who will prioritize American wellness over all else. I believe Rand Paul would be an incredible successor. He’s shown great judgment and has the grit to put hardworking Americans first.”

    -12:49 PM, 2/29/2024


    - 8:38 AM, 2/29/2024

    Get Out

    Law Professor William A. Jacobson of the Legal Insurrection blog has been watching the politicized lawfare against Trump and conservative businesses and organizations in New York, and the unprofessional threats and ugly gloating by Attorney General Letitia James about how she’s going to destroy Trump. He analyzed the situation in light of assurances by Gov. Hochul that if your business isn’t doing anything wrong, you have nothing to fear. And he arrived at this conclusion: 

    “Get out of New York, if you can.” And if you can’t leave now, “Develop an exit plan before you need it.

    6:02 AM, 2/29/24


    Pray for the Panhandle

    Please join me in prayers today for those in the path of the huge wildfires in the Texas Panhandle and neighboring Oklahoma. There are five wildfires that are causing school closures and evacuations, including the evacuation of a nuclear power plant. The largest of them, the Smokehouse Creek Fire, covers 800 square miles and is now the second-largest wildfire in state history.

    This is a link to live updates on the fires from the Weather Channel.

    - 12:48 PM, 2/28/2024


    No test?!?

    The White House announced Wednesday that President Biden is making an unannounced trip to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for his yearly physical exam…which will NOT include a cognitive test. Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dismissed questions about a cognitive test, saying Biden proves his cognitive abilities "every day [in] how he operates and how he thinks."  I’m confused, is that an argument for or against a cognitive test?

    -10:16 AM, 2/28/2024


    Talk about a delicious irony

    One of the strongest arguments for overturning the ruinously large fine on Trump in his New York real estate fraud case is the Eighth Amendment protection against excessive fines. The Supreme Court ruled 9-0 in 2019 that that protection does apply to state courts. And one of the strongest arguments for Trump to cite came from liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who said:

    “The prohibition embodied in the Excessive Fines Clause carries forward protections found in sources from Magna Carta to the English Bill of Rights to state constitutions from the colonial era to the present day. Protection against excessive fines has been a constant shield throughout Anglo-American history for good reason: Such fines undermine other liberties. They can be used, e.g., to retaliate against or chill the speech of political enemies.”

    I might not have agreed with many of her rulings, but judging from this, there’s no doubt she was psychic.

    - 9:51 AM, 2/28/2024

    Public Service Announcement

    Public service announcement to anyone thinking of donating to Harvard or sending their kids there: The co-chair of Harvard’s anti-Semitism task force resigned Monday because she has no confidence that Harvard will implement any of the task force’s recommendations to stop Jew hatred on campus.

    Related: Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media has a news round-up illustrating how bedbug crazy these pro-Palestine dingbats are and how they “have more vocal cords than brains,” from calling Jerry Seinfeld a “genocide supporter” to literally setting themselves on fire.




    Private School For Me, But Not For Thee

    Two Democrat Governors, Roy Cooper (North Carolina) and Andy Beshear (Kentucky), co-wrote an op-ed for USA Today condemning Republican attempts to give low-income parents vouchers to send their kids to the schools of their choice. They painted this as a racist conspiracy to loot the budgets of our precious public school system and set our schools back for a generation (as if the COVID lockdowns and the focus on woke politics and LGBTQ activism hadn't already set public school students back a generation.) 

    One problem: Both Democrat Governors send their own kids to elite private schools. But that’s okay because, hey, they can afford it.


    The Best People

    President Trump was roundly condemned as a racist and a xenophobe for saying of illegal immigration that other countries were not sending us their best people. So just to clarify, here’s an example of one of those best people that Joe Biden let in.