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    April 5, 2022

    Good evening!

    Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

    Today's newsletter includes:

    • Truth Social, Elon Musk and Twitter
    • The most dangerous man in the world
    • BLM Update: Now they tell us
    • And more…


    Mike Huckabee


    For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

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    The most dangerous man in the world

    With Vladimir Putin brutally invading Ukraine, the mullahs of Iran chanting, “Death to America,” China’s President overseeing enslavement and genocide, and even George Soros funding the destruction of America by filling our streets with violent criminals, who does Joe Biden think is the most dangerous man in the world?

    You guessed it: the guy who founded Fox News.

    As for who’s really the most dangerous person in the world, Biden might not want to ask Americans that question, because he wouldn’t like their answer. In a new poll by the Democracy Institute, 57% of Americans disapprove of how Biden is doing his job, and 70% say the country is on the wrong track. But even more startling is that they’d rather Biden lose his job than Vladimir Putin lose his. Asked to pick which would be better for the US, 52% said “Biden loses power in the US,” while 43% picked “Putin loses power in Russia.”

    I don’t think anyone picked “Fox News goes off the air,” unless they polled CNN anchors.

    BLM Update: Now they tell us

    In yet another one of those “So now they tell us” stories, New York Magazine reports that the leaders of Black Lives Matter allegedly used donations to secretly buy a $6 million luxury mansion in Southern California.

    With the nonprofit facing legal scrutiny over its handling of funds, a video reportedly showed three BLM leaders marking the anniversary of the death of George Floyd by sipping champagne on the patio of the mansion they secretly bought with donors’ money. They claim they plan to use the mansion as a “safe house” and staging ground for social media content creation.

    While BLM’s leaders are trying to deflect suspicions by accusing critics of being racist, what sets off my radar is something that has nothing to do with race. As you’ll see in the linked story, it’s BLM’s involvement with notorious leftwing law firm Perkins Coie, “home of high-profile Democrat election lawyer Marc Elias.” Talk about being judged by the company you keep.

    Truth Social, Elon Musk and Twitter

    Reuters reports that former President Trump’s new free speech Twitter alternative, Truth Social, has gotten off to a rocky start. The crush of initial downloads created long wait times, there’s still no app for Android phones, and Trump himself (the big draw) has written only one post. Now, two key senior executives have resigned.

    Another twist also came out of the blue: Elon Musk’s purchase of nearly 12% of Twitter’s stock makes him the largest shareholder in the company. He’s now been appointed to their board of directors.

    This has sparked hope among conservatives that he will force Twitter to return to the unbiased free speech outlet it used to be. Already, there are calls online for him to demand that Twitter end its political censorship and lift its many suspensions of conservatives, including reinstating Trump’s Twitter account.

    Nobody yet knows exactly what Musk’s plans are for Twitter’s future, but I can’t imagine it being worse than its recent past. If I could make a suggestion, I’d ask the staff for anonymous tips on who needs to be fired. That would probably help identify a lot of leftwing radicals who’ve been ruining the company by banning and bullying everyone who disagrees with them. Of course, that might also mean finding another new CEO.

    Must-See Video

    A former Disney artist who was fed up with what he describes as the “internal hostile takeover” of Disney by a small minority of leftist radicals began anonymously creating videos parodying Disney’s woke turn under the name PolitiZoid. With the recent public exposure of the company’s leftward lurch, he’s revealed his name: Bob Arvin.

    Arvin told Glenn Beck at Blaze TV that this small cadre of leftists is emboldened and “using the smear campaign against the bill in Florida to push their agenda.” He said much like the nation itself, a small active minority is steering the ship, and the majority are either afraid to speak out or just waking up to what’s going on and trying to figure out how to fight it. As for Disney, Arvin said, "They are abandoning their core audience in favor of this agenda, and if they don't destroy it, it'll be damaged for a generation."

    Click the link for more and to see Arvin’s brilliant animated parody of a trip through a theme park ride that reflects the current Disney culture: “It’s a Woke World.” Turn on the closed captions to catch every biting word. But I should warn you, just like with the real “It’s a Small World” ride, that earworm song may drive you nuttier than Disney’s CEO.

    Related: Someone had a great observation on Twitter about Disney’s threats against Florida. Japan bans same sex marriage, yet somehow, there’s still a Tokyo Disneyland.

    This is awesome

    Big congratulations to gospel icon CeCe Winans, who won three Grammy Awards for her great album, “Believe For It,” bringing her lifetime total to fifteen. We’re not only proud of her for making so much inspiring, award-winning music, but also because this was her first live album. And if you look closely at this video, you might recognize the theater where it was recorded as the TBN “Huckabee” studio in Hendersonville, Tennessee!

    You knew we had the best band on TV, but now you know our studio is Grammy-worthy, too.

    Something nice for a change

    A feature story about Matthew McConaughey’s wife Alves. She grew up on a farm in Brazil, lived for a while with him in Malibu, and is now so much happier since their family moved to Texas, where she says people enjoy the outdoors, kids respect their parents, people say “yes, ma’am” and “no, sir,” and go to church on Sundays.

    It should be required reading for all the Californians who are fleeing to Texas on how happy they can be if they just refrain from voting for the same idiocy that caused them to flee California.

    I Just Wanted to Say:

    Thank you for reading the Evening Edition.

    For more news of my news coverage, visit my website here.

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    Comments 11-18 of 18

    • Jerry

      04/05/2022 09:03 PM

      Maybe Jill Biden can Joe Biden to go milk a bull
      for his milk or cream for his ice cream cones or have him watch the rooster lay an egg the dummy probably will not notice any difference in his ice cream cone I am sure he won’t understand why the rooster won’t lay an egg neither will the rest of the Dems

    • kathy staropoli

      04/05/2022 08:56 PM

      Thank You for keeping us updated on all thats happening. Do You know how to get on Truth Social ? I signed up but haven't heard anything since. We need to get off facebook & twitter. God Bless

    • SARA Kisseberth

      04/05/2022 08:13 PM

      Thanks! Looking forward to receiving my own copy of your newsletter

    • Michael F. Blake

      04/05/2022 07:46 PM

      Mr. Huckabee,
      Just an FYI: Tokyo Disneyland is NOT owned by the Disney Company, but by Oriental Land Co. Disney gets a % of everything, plus provides ideas for rides and the technology (i.e., audio-animatronics).
      This is why TDL (as it is known) is in so many ways better run than the other Disney parks, as the Japanese work ethic is paramount in this company.
      Keep up the good work!
      Michael F. Blake

    • Jerry

      04/05/2022 07:41 PM

      Leaders around the world have blocked biden’s phone number because of his reputation as a Liar in Chief, leaders no longer trust the American WH Americans no longer trust the WH if I had biden’s number I would block it also, I wonder if Biden is capable of honesty his record is full dishonesty I would never consider talking to Biden I have 73 years of experience to know biden lies every time he speaks

    • Ruth Gallion

      04/05/2022 07:37 PM

      I enjoy your articles. This is the first time I’ve made a comment/question. I’ve been reading negative articles about Elton Musk ( NWO , wolf in sheep’s clothing , etc. ). Is there any way you can verify this ? Thank you in advance .

    • James Drury Jr.

      04/05/2022 07:30 PM

      Thanks Mike & Staff!

    • Deborah Degnan

      04/05/2022 07:18 PM

      Thank you for your informative newsletter. Tonight I’m disappointed to learn the Truth Social isn’t a big hit as I have been waiting for it in order to ditch Facebook.

    News Feed

    McConnell will step down as Senate Republican Leader in November

    Mitch McConnell announced Wednesday that he will step down as Senate Republican Leader in November. He is the longest-serving party leader in US history. He did not say if this has anything to do with the criticism he’s received from conservatives or with his recent health issues that caused him to freeze up in mid-sentence a time or two. But while he will no longer be the GOP leader, he intends to continue serving in the Senate at least through the end of his current term in January 2027.

    And here’s a surprise: Robert Kennedy Jr. suggested that McConnell be replaced by Sen. Rand Paul. RFK Jr. tweeted, “It’s time to promote leaders in Washington, DC, who won’t kowtow to the military contractors or push us deeper into foreign conflicts. We need representation who will prioritize American wellness over all else. I believe Rand Paul would be an incredible successor. He’s shown great judgment and has the grit to put hardworking Americans first.”

    -12:49 PM, 2/29/2024


    - 8:38 AM, 2/29/2024

    Get Out

    Law Professor William A. Jacobson of the Legal Insurrection blog has been watching the politicized lawfare against Trump and conservative businesses and organizations in New York, and the unprofessional threats and ugly gloating by Attorney General Letitia James about how she’s going to destroy Trump. He analyzed the situation in light of assurances by Gov. Hochul that if your business isn’t doing anything wrong, you have nothing to fear. And he arrived at this conclusion: 

    “Get out of New York, if you can.” And if you can’t leave now, “Develop an exit plan before you need it.

    6:02 AM, 2/29/24


    Pray for the Panhandle

    Please join me in prayers today for those in the path of the huge wildfires in the Texas Panhandle and neighboring Oklahoma. There are five wildfires that are causing school closures and evacuations, including the evacuation of a nuclear power plant. The largest of them, the Smokehouse Creek Fire, covers 800 square miles and is now the second-largest wildfire in state history.

    This is a link to live updates on the fires from the Weather Channel.

    - 12:48 PM, 2/28/2024


    No test?!?

    The White House announced Wednesday that President Biden is making an unannounced trip to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for his yearly physical exam…which will NOT include a cognitive test. Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dismissed questions about a cognitive test, saying Biden proves his cognitive abilities "every day [in] how he operates and how he thinks."  I’m confused, is that an argument for or against a cognitive test?

    -10:16 AM, 2/28/2024


    Talk about a delicious irony

    One of the strongest arguments for overturning the ruinously large fine on Trump in his New York real estate fraud case is the Eighth Amendment protection against excessive fines. The Supreme Court ruled 9-0 in 2019 that that protection does apply to state courts. And one of the strongest arguments for Trump to cite came from liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who said:

    “The prohibition embodied in the Excessive Fines Clause carries forward protections found in sources from Magna Carta to the English Bill of Rights to state constitutions from the colonial era to the present day. Protection against excessive fines has been a constant shield throughout Anglo-American history for good reason: Such fines undermine other liberties. They can be used, e.g., to retaliate against or chill the speech of political enemies.”

    I might not have agreed with many of her rulings, but judging from this, there’s no doubt she was psychic.

    - 9:51 AM, 2/28/2024

    Public Service Announcement

    Public service announcement to anyone thinking of donating to Harvard or sending their kids there: The co-chair of Harvard’s anti-Semitism task force resigned Monday because she has no confidence that Harvard will implement any of the task force’s recommendations to stop Jew hatred on campus.

    Related: Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media has a news round-up illustrating how bedbug crazy these pro-Palestine dingbats are and how they “have more vocal cords than brains,” from calling Jerry Seinfeld a “genocide supporter” to literally setting themselves on fire.




    Private School For Me, But Not For Thee

    Two Democrat Governors, Roy Cooper (North Carolina) and Andy Beshear (Kentucky), co-wrote an op-ed for USA Today condemning Republican attempts to give low-income parents vouchers to send their kids to the schools of their choice. They painted this as a racist conspiracy to loot the budgets of our precious public school system and set our schools back for a generation (as if the COVID lockdowns and the focus on woke politics and LGBTQ activism hadn't already set public school students back a generation.) 

    One problem: Both Democrat Governors send their own kids to elite private schools. But that’s okay because, hey, they can afford it.


    The Best People

    President Trump was roundly condemned as a racist and a xenophobe for saying of illegal immigration that other countries were not sending us their best people. So just to clarify, here’s an example of one of those best people that Joe Biden let in.