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    July 9, 2022



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    Thus says the Lord,

    your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel:

    “I am the Lord your God,

    who teaches you to profit,

    who leads you in the way you should go.

    Isaiah 48:17 ESV

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    "Huckabee" Preview

    The 4th of July is over, but we’ll have more fireworks on tonight’s new episode of “Huckabee” on TBN! My guests will include radio host and author Dennis Prager and former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. I’ll also catch up with a past Huck’s Hero. And there’s plenty of entertainment in store as well. We’ll laugh with “In Case You Missed It” and hilarious comedian Brian Bates, and top off the show with Christian music superstars, the Newsboys.

    It all gets rolling at 8 and 11 EST, 7 and 10 CST, and Sunday at 9 EST/8 CST on TBN. To find out how to watch TBN, from local cable and broadcast channels to streaming, visit and click on “Channel Finder” on the top menu. You can stream previous episodes, highlights and online-only “Digital Exclusives,” including extended interviews, “In Case You Missed It” and “Facts of the Matter” segments, plus extra performances by our great musical and comedy guests and links to all their sites, at You can also find past shows, highlights and digital exclusives on YouTube and my Facebook page.

    Biden's vision for America

    Do you like to go on vacation towing your trailer? Then you’re really going to love being forced to drive an electric car. Getting there will be half the ordeal as you see America close up, stopping every 100 miles to recharge your battery or waiting alongside some of the nation’s most scenic roadsides for the (gas-powered) tow truck to show up.

    Or maybe you could buy a big, powerful electric pickup truck to tow your trailer. Chances are, though, your truck will be what ends up getting towed.

    Biden issues Executive Order

    As expected on Friday, President Biden issued his executive order to try to make it easier for women – sorry, “birthing people” – to get abortions. Here’s an explanation of what’s in it:

    It appears that Democrats’ greatest fear is that the people of the individual states will actually have some say over abortion laws and not have it dictated to them by Washington. Biden’s statement included what we’ve come to expect from him, such as claims that Republicans have an “extreme agenda” on abortion. Or so says a man who claims to be a Catholic and who once opposed abortion himself, but who now thinks his party’s agenda is not extreme, even though 49 out of 50 of its Senators voted to allow the killing of babies in the womb right up to the moment of birth, a practice so barbaric, it’s mostly allowed only in nations such as North Korea.

    The statement also included the expected fuzzy euphemisms for abortion, some blatant politicizing of the issue (elect more Democrats so they can ignore the Constitution and impose abortion by federal law), some likely fake news when Biden repeated a viral claim about a 10-year-old rape victim being denied an abortion that is looking more and more like propaganda from a pro-abortion activist…

    And of course, numerous gaffes, including a moment when Biden read his stage directions off the Teleprompter out loud…

    …followed by the White House and its sycophants insisting that we didn’t actually see and hear what we just saw and heard.

    Musk withdraws offer to buy Twitter

    Elon Musk has withdrawn his $44 billion offer to buy Twitter, claiming the social media site violated the agreement by making false and misleading representations and refusing to provide information on how many fake or spam accounts are included in its total users. The Twitter board is threatening to sue to force Musk to close the deal. Some analysts predict it will go through eventually, only Musk might pay less than he initially offered.

    If Musk walks away from Twitter, the big losers would be anyone who thinks that social media should be politically impartial and protect freedom of speech, since Twitter without Musk would likely continue under the supervision of the same Silicon Valley censors and socialists that Musk would have rightly fired. It would be a shame if that doesn’t happen, but on the other hand, who can blame him for not wanting to have to deal with that pack of whining, entitled snowflakes?

    Teen Vogue

    I’ve been warning parents for years about the far-left indoctrination rag-disguised-as teen lifestyle magazine known as Teen Vogue. But if you haven’t yet gotten the message to keep this propaganda far, far away from your kids, here’s yet another reason why it should only be used as a fireplace starter.

    This deserves mockery

    I apologize in advance for making you read this Spanish Inquisition-level torturing of the English language in the name of “inclusivity.” I fear it will birth quite a headache for you.

    Here’s some funny and well-deserved mockery of it to help wash this convoluted wokeness out of your head.


    Speaking of word salad, here’s a veritable Whole Foods salad bar full of it, courtesy of Vice President Kamala Harris, “explaining” why Democrats didn’t codify abortion rights when they had the power to do so.

     Latest example from the Unhinged Left

    Latest example of the violent unhinged left proving they are too mentally immature and emotionally unstable to be trusted with any power: the harassment of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh as he was trying to eat dinner at a DC restaurant.

    This is something I can relate to, since something similar happened to my own daughter and her family. From the article, you can see that this wasn’t just a handful of unhinged protesters on the scene. There are organizers and sympathizers making it clear that they think this is a perfectly legitimate reaction to them not getting their way in a court ruling. And it’s easy to say, “Well, it’s just a small radical fringe group.” But President Biden, the head of the entire Democratic Party, has refused to condemn these illegal stalking tactics, defending them as long as it’s a “peaceful protest.”

    I’m curious: does that mean peaceful protest where they just peacefully harass a Supreme Court Justice and an entire restaurant full of diners, or a CNN-style “mostly peaceful protest,” where they’re only burning down a few select buildings?  

    Another Reason to vote Republican in New York

    If you haven’t yet heard the infuriating story of New York City bodega clerk Jose Alba, who killed a violent attacker in self-defense and (unlike the dangerous criminal who attacked him) is being treated like a dangerous criminal by NYC DA Alvin Bragg, this is a good recap of the twists and turns so far.

    Bipartisan public outrage got Alba’s sky-high bail reduced so he’s out of jail, but still wearing an ankle monitor and possibly facing charges. And here’s a new political twist: New York won’t let voters recall criminal-coddling woke prosecutors, but they can be fired by the Governor. Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul won’t do it, but her Republican challenger Lee Zeldin says that firing Bragg will be on his Day 1 To-Do list. So, reason #10,903 for New Yorkers to go back to voting Republican.


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    Comments 11-13 of 13

    • Sharon Faulkner

      07/09/2022 11:54 AM

      You and I know you can't get above your raising. The oxymoron Democrats were founded by the Slave Masters to enforce their " sacred right to own a nigger if I want to" and to hell with the Constitution. Their KKK are back. So what's the news?

    • stephen russell

      07/09/2022 11:48 AM

      Musk & Twitter:
      He could have Indie Probe into Twitter on bots etc
      Contact users alone
      Reduce stock price
      & buy for 22B??

      Oh well at least he shook up Big Tech

    • stephen russell

      07/09/2022 11:46 AM

      EV Issues the Leftists miss:

      NO nationwide charging system
      EVs cost too much
      Replace battery after X years
      Charging center traffic, crowds
      Lack charging centers
      Charging times once charging
      Energy for Grid
      Yet NO 1 in the EV auto realm addresses these anyplace
      No 1 source to go to
      IE Auto Club
      & costs for a New & or Used EV
      Yes Ive ridden in a Model S in Bay Area to airport from hotel

    News Feed

    McConnell will step down as Senate Republican Leader in November

    Mitch McConnell announced Wednesday that he will step down as Senate Republican Leader in November. He is the longest-serving party leader in US history. He did not say if this has anything to do with the criticism he’s received from conservatives or with his recent health issues that caused him to freeze up in mid-sentence a time or two. But while he will no longer be the GOP leader, he intends to continue serving in the Senate at least through the end of his current term in January 2027.

    And here’s a surprise: Robert Kennedy Jr. suggested that McConnell be replaced by Sen. Rand Paul. RFK Jr. tweeted, “It’s time to promote leaders in Washington, DC, who won’t kowtow to the military contractors or push us deeper into foreign conflicts. We need representation who will prioritize American wellness over all else. I believe Rand Paul would be an incredible successor. He’s shown great judgment and has the grit to put hardworking Americans first.”

    -12:49 PM, 2/29/2024


    - 8:38 AM, 2/29/2024

    Get Out

    Law Professor William A. Jacobson of the Legal Insurrection blog has been watching the politicized lawfare against Trump and conservative businesses and organizations in New York, and the unprofessional threats and ugly gloating by Attorney General Letitia James about how she’s going to destroy Trump. He analyzed the situation in light of assurances by Gov. Hochul that if your business isn’t doing anything wrong, you have nothing to fear. And he arrived at this conclusion: 

    “Get out of New York, if you can.” And if you can’t leave now, “Develop an exit plan before you need it.

    6:02 AM, 2/29/24


    Pray for the Panhandle

    Please join me in prayers today for those in the path of the huge wildfires in the Texas Panhandle and neighboring Oklahoma. There are five wildfires that are causing school closures and evacuations, including the evacuation of a nuclear power plant. The largest of them, the Smokehouse Creek Fire, covers 800 square miles and is now the second-largest wildfire in state history.

    This is a link to live updates on the fires from the Weather Channel.

    - 12:48 PM, 2/28/2024


    No test?!?

    The White House announced Wednesday that President Biden is making an unannounced trip to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for his yearly physical exam…which will NOT include a cognitive test. Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dismissed questions about a cognitive test, saying Biden proves his cognitive abilities "every day [in] how he operates and how he thinks."  I’m confused, is that an argument for or against a cognitive test?

    -10:16 AM, 2/28/2024


    Talk about a delicious irony

    One of the strongest arguments for overturning the ruinously large fine on Trump in his New York real estate fraud case is the Eighth Amendment protection against excessive fines. The Supreme Court ruled 9-0 in 2019 that that protection does apply to state courts. And one of the strongest arguments for Trump to cite came from liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who said:

    “The prohibition embodied in the Excessive Fines Clause carries forward protections found in sources from Magna Carta to the English Bill of Rights to state constitutions from the colonial era to the present day. Protection against excessive fines has been a constant shield throughout Anglo-American history for good reason: Such fines undermine other liberties. They can be used, e.g., to retaliate against or chill the speech of political enemies.”

    I might not have agreed with many of her rulings, but judging from this, there’s no doubt she was psychic.

    - 9:51 AM, 2/28/2024

    Public Service Announcement

    Public service announcement to anyone thinking of donating to Harvard or sending their kids there: The co-chair of Harvard’s anti-Semitism task force resigned Monday because she has no confidence that Harvard will implement any of the task force’s recommendations to stop Jew hatred on campus.

    Related: Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media has a news round-up illustrating how bedbug crazy these pro-Palestine dingbats are and how they “have more vocal cords than brains,” from calling Jerry Seinfeld a “genocide supporter” to literally setting themselves on fire.




    Private School For Me, But Not For Thee

    Two Democrat Governors, Roy Cooper (North Carolina) and Andy Beshear (Kentucky), co-wrote an op-ed for USA Today condemning Republican attempts to give low-income parents vouchers to send their kids to the schools of their choice. They painted this as a racist conspiracy to loot the budgets of our precious public school system and set our schools back for a generation (as if the COVID lockdowns and the focus on woke politics and LGBTQ activism hadn't already set public school students back a generation.) 

    One problem: Both Democrat Governors send their own kids to elite private schools. But that’s okay because, hey, they can afford it.


    The Best People

    President Trump was roundly condemned as a racist and a xenophobe for saying of illegal immigration that other countries were not sending us their best people. So just to clarify, here’s an example of one of those best people that Joe Biden let in.