September 23, 2021

Four House Republicans have introduced Articles of Impeachment against President Biden over his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan (where Americans are still left behind while the Taliban are reportedly hunting down our allies that Biden promised to remove), his border disaster and his ignoring of the Supreme Court in continuing to push an eviction moratorium.

While some might dismiss this as a partisan stunt, Ohio Rep. Bob Gibbs says he takes this seriously. He says Biden is obviously not capable of being Commander-in-Chief, and it’s scary how much damage he’s done to America in less than nine months.

Still, with Democrats in charge of Congress, no matter how serious the charges, there’s no way Biden will be impeached. Besides, it’s not as if he’s accused of anything really impeachment-worthy, like trying to pressure another national leader during a phone call. Oh wait: Biden did that, too. Except instead of allegedly pressing the other leader to investigate corruption, he pressed the other leader to lie to the world to cover up the dangers of the Taliban taking over Afghanistan. So totally different and not grounds for impeachment at all.

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  • La Mae Webb

    09/29/2021 04:34 PM

    Impeachment needs to be done. This is a virus that will change tracts always its a virus!