September 27, 2021

This is a very long article, but well worth the time if you’re concerned about this growing wave of "trans" quackery that’s victimizing our children: on the one hand, preaching radical, “57 genders” trans propaganda to young people; and on the other, pressuring doctors to respond to their gender confusion with no alternatives other than dangerous hormones and body-altering surgery that may be irreversible and leave them unable ever to have children.

This is an open letter written by a young woman who went through all this, regretted it, and “detransitioned.” It’s directed to Stanford University’s Dr. Jack Turban, one of the most influential promoters of this idea, and someone who denounces using psychological counseling as a first resort for dealing with gender dysphoria, as if drugs and surgery to permanently alter the bodies of confused young people were the only treatment. Ironically, this movement claims it’s helping these poor young people who feel “invisible,” but the writer says that those who regret their decision and want to go back to living as their natural, biological sexes are being ignored, silenced, and made to feel “invisible.”

The writer makes many other great observations, including that a survey Turban often quotes to back up his claims is actually an unscientific online poll filled with biased, propagandized questions and circulated by pro-transition advocacy sites. Also, other nations, such as Sweden, Finland and the UK, are “transitioning” away from the radical “surgeons playing God” idea and back to the common sense approach of offering young gender dysphoria sufferers counseling first.

There’s nothing “compassionate” about perverting medical science with a radical political agenda, or denying needed therapy to vulnerable young people, instead pushing them to make irreversible changes to their bodies when they’re not yet mature enough to make such decisions. We let them decide to pump their bodies full of dangerous chemicals at an age when they’re still years away from being allowed to legally drink a beer. As this letter makes clear, it’s also not “compassion” for doctors to turn their backs on people who are suffering pain and regret because they trusted doctors who prioritize a political agenda over their patients’ well-being. There used to be a medical term for all of this: “malpractice.”

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