Deep State Archives

February 2021

Date Title
2/3/21 Deep State update: Ratcliffe "expects" indictments

January 2021

Date Title
1/28/21 Trump declassified docs showing FBI malfeasance
1/28/21 More Trump-declassified docs show a dark FBI

August 2020

Date Title
8/11/20 Even now, FBI covers up and media cover FOR them

July 2020

Date Title
7/22/20 MORE: Stzrok wanted to use Trump briefing to spy on him

June 2020

Date Title
6/30/20 Michael Flynn speaks out, with a WAKE-UP CALL
6/1/20 Developing story: FBI swamp creature Dana Boente resigning

May 2020

Date Title
5/19/20 Barr: charges "unlikely" against Obama and Biden
5/18/20 Unmasking dates suggest even CIA spied on Flynn
5/15/20 More insight into Judge Sullivan, and what needs to happen
5/15/20 The Gov. answers reader: What's going on with Judge Sullivan?
5/14/20 The Flynn case: Unmaskers' memories hazy, Judge Sullivan crazy
5/13/20 The Flynn case: First the bad news, then the good news
5/12/20 Newly released transcripts show the depth of the lies
5/8/20 Transcript shows Obama KNEW about FBI targeting Flynn
5/7/20 Rosenstein's "scope" memo gave Mueller free rein with no evidence
5/7/20 So obvious now: Why the FBI NEEDED FLYNN GONE (Updated)
5/5/20 To FBI Director Wray about his job: Use it (for reform) or lose it!
5/1/20 CLEAR PROOF of Flynn set-up is just the beginning

April 2020

Date Title
4/30/20 At last, breakthrough comes in Mike Flynn case
4/28/20 It gets worse: Christopher Steele met with Hillary's lawyers
4/27/20 FBI news: "Brady" evidence on Flynn finally coming out!
4/24/20 Steele "wiped" his documentation, and not with a cloth
4/20/20 Follow-up: The real goal of Russia's 2016 "meddling"
4/17/20 We're not stupid: footnotes imply real goal of Russian "collusion"