Durham looks at 2016 with "2020" vision

About the IG Report

Why and how our intel bureaucracy smeared Lt. Gen. Flynn

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March 2020

Date Title
3/17/20 What's going in 'deep state,' Part II: Michael Flynn
3/16/20 What's happening with 'deep state' while virus infects news media
3/10/20 New FISA chief judge shames FBI/DOJ for deceiving Court
3/4/20 "Deep state" actors show solidarity for Joe Biden
3/3/20 Hillary Clinton to be questioned again, FOR REAL this time
3/2/20 "Russia hoax" goes on despite evidence of monstrous CrowdStrike lie
3/2/20 UPDATE on Philip Haney death, and his MUST-READ piece from 2016

February 2020

Date Title
2/27/20 McCabe, Comey retained spying program for political espionage
2/26/20 Declassified docs prove FBI lied about Papadopoulos to court
2/24/20 Who was Philip Haney and why did he die?
2/24/20 Sen. Lindsay Graham announces start of FBI/FISA investigation
2/18/20 Sen. Graham and Alan Dershowitz join Barr's fight for justice
2/17/20 Huge: FBI was passing classified info to Hillary's campaign
2/17/20 "CHEERS, ANDY": The big picture on Andrew McCabe
2/15/20 It's a mixed bag at the DOJ: big breaking news
2/12/20 'Deep state' eruptions: Roger Stone sentencing; Giuliani won't be stopped
2/11/20 How DNC targeted Manafort and Trump; great Mike Flynn news
2/2/20 AT LAST: Mike Flynn formally asks to withdraw guilty plea

January 2020

Date Title
1/13/20 Theme for today: Phony-baloney investigations
1/2/20 Durham looks at 2016 with "2020" vision

December 2019

Date Title
12/16/19 IG report: FBI "colluded" with DNC and Hillary, and doctored the evidence
12/12/19 The FBI and the media: With "meddlers" like these, who needs Russia?
12/3/19 Just ignore the spin about IG report and impeachment "experts"

November 2019

Date Title
11/25/19 About the IG Report
11/7/19 Why and how our intel bureaucracy smeared Lt. Gen. Flynn