Former Trump Vice President Mike Pence announced that he would not endorse Trump for President this year, but not for the reason that I’m sure the media would hope he would cite. Pence thinks Trump is not strong enough on conservative issues most important to him, like abortion. Read my thoughts:

So much winning

March 4, 2024

Over the weekend, Donald Trump added to his GOP primary lead with commanding wins in the Missouri, Michigan and Idaho caucuses.

However, there was good news for Nikki Haley: she finally won her first GOP primary. The bad news: it was in DC, where Republicans are nearly as rare as fiscal responsibility. She beat Trump by nearly 2-1 in the ground zero of federal government swamp dwellers, but that was out of a turnout of fewer than 2,000 voters, and who knows how many of them were actually Republicans. Personally, I doubt that there are that many Republicans in DC, and I also doubt that most Republicans outside of DC will consider being DC’s preferred Republican to be a selling point.

Maybe DC voters approve of the fact that she’s nowhere near even being elected yet and she’s already breaking promises she put into writing. That’s a very popular thing in Washington.

She might want to savor that victory while she can because tomorrow is Super Tuesday, when 15 states plus American Samoa hold primaries. Polls suggest that Trump could garner enough delegates to nearly lock up the nomination. It takes 1,215. He currently has 244 and 874 will be awarded tomorrow.

The latest polls, even from liberal outlets like the New York Times and CBS, show that Trump is solidly ahead of Biden. Worse for Democrats, voters not only rank Biden lower than Trump for handling issues of most importance to them, such as inflation and border security, but demographics that the Dems count on to win are turning on Biden and longing for a return to the days of Trump. Here’s a detailed roundup...

Among the findings: 97% of 2020 Trump voters say they are backing him again, while only 83% of Biden’s 2020 voters plan to make that mistake again (10% say they are switching to Trump, which if true would be devastating considering how narrow Biden’s margin was in 2020.)

Majorities of voters think Biden’s policies cause inflation to rise and hurt them personally (see, most people really are paying attention!) In a poll that must have left New York Times staffers feeling suicidal to report, Trump was ahead of Biden by nine points among men and tied among women, whom the Dems count on for their winning margin (maybe women are deciding that being able to abort babies up until they’re weaned isn’t as important as being able to afford groceries or not be robbed, raped or murdered if you step outside your house.) Although I’m certain the Dems are well ahead among people who claim they are no particular gender.

That poll also showed Trump actually ahead of Biden among Hispanics and at least cutting into the black vote to a level that would be catastrophic for Democrats if it holds.

I always caution people not to put too much stock in polls, especially polls taken months in advance of an election. These polls are encouraging (they suggest that people realize Biden’s policies have been terribly destructive to America, in some cases deliberately, and they don’t like it.) But the Dems have a ton of money for ads and free biased media on their side, and they’ve made it clear they will stop at nothing to preserve their power, from slanderous lies to trying to imprison their opponent to blocking his certification in the House (i.e., “assaulting our democracy,” which is apparently fine when they do it.)

If you love this nation and want it to survive, this is a “crawl over broken glass to vote” election. It needs to be not just a red wave but a red tsunami to overcome all the lies, lawfare, bullying and chicanery that the Dems will try to pull. So take a moment to enjoy the positive polls, then toss them aside and get back to work to win the only poll that counts, the one at the ballot box in November.

A new Gallup poll found that “immigration” (the incorrect term for the mass invasion of illegal entrants across our open border) is now the #1 issue concerning voters. More bad news for Democrats: it pushed their previous #1 worry, “government,” into the #2 spot.

It’s assumed that this surge in concern about illegal immigration is fueled by outrage over the murder of University of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley, allegedly by an illegal immigrant from Venezuela who was stopped at the border but released, then arrested in New York but released again by authorities who deliberately refused to hand him over to ICE for deportation. At least New York City Mayor Eric Adams is finally calling for change in that insane policy, but it’s like closing the barn after the horses got out.

Riley’s murder is the latest and most shocking example of Americans paying the price for the invasion of unvetted aliens, but she’s sadly not the first and only such victim. And if we count the Americans killed by fentanyl that’s pouring across the border and being distributed by illegal alien drug gangsters, the tragic human toll of Biden’s border policies is astronomical.

I’m glad to see that the American people are too smart to buy the feeble attempts to spin and gaslight this story away, from the media trying to cover up the suspect’s background by calling him “an Athens resident” to saying the crime shows the “dangers women face” when running outdoors alone.

So are they trying to blame Laken for her own murder because she dared to think she had a right to go jogging without being murdered? This is as disgusting as the European media who responded to Muslim immigrant rape gangs by telling women not to dress too provocatively. Democrats have already prioritized "trans rights" over women's rights; now they're doing the same thing with "illegal alien criminal rights."

We know why she was murdered: Because Democrats believe in things like open borders, sanctuary cities, refusing to enforce laws and blaming crimes on the victims instead of the perpetrators. This poll shows that Americans now see through that. Let’s hope the polls in November show that they’ve had more than enough of it.

Trump Wins Michigan

February 29, 2024

In this week’s Michigan GOP primary, Donald Trump beat Nikki Haley by his widest margin yet. With 94% of votes counted at this writing, Trump leads by 68.2% to 26.6%, a margin of well over 40 points. Three percent were uncommitted.

It will be interesting to hear how Haley, the media and the Never-Trumpers will spin this as a win. A couple of excuses I’ve already heard are that Trump didn’t do as well as some polls that showed him carrying up to 79% of the vote (that seems more a reflection on the polling.) And they’ll try to claim that this shows that over a quarter of Republicans want a candidate other than Trump. But something similar could be said in nearly any election. It doesn’t have to be unanimous to call it a win.

In 2016, Trump got only 36.5% of the Michigan primary vote, but he went on to win the nomination and the state. Heck, I got 0.2% of the Michigan primary vote, and I’d already dropped out of the race by then. I should’ve followed the Nikki Haley standard and claimed I was robbed.

As expected, Biden won the Democratic primary with 81.1%. Marianne Williamson got 3% and Dean Phillips took 2.7% (or as I call that, the “Anybody but Biden vote.”) But a big warning sign for Democrats is that over 13% of the vote went to “Uncommitted.” That was due to the large Arab-American population protesting Biden’s support of Israel by urging Democrats not to vote for him. They set a goal of 10,000 votes for “Uncommitted” to make their point, and at the moment, they have over 101,000.

There’s little chance of those voters turning to Trump, the best friend Israel ever had in the White House, but if it’s an indication of them being turned off enough by both candidates that they won’t vote at all, it could spell big trouble for Biden in this swing state. And what is he going to do about it? Appease his radical pro-Palestinian base by betraying Israel? That could be even worse for him politically.

This is what happens when you build political power on pandering to various identity groups. When two of those groups find their interests at odds, you have to do some pretty fancy tap-dancing to appease them both, and Joe can’t even walk across a stage without falling over.

Related: Spiritual guru Marianne Williamson thinks that Biden is so vulnerable, she announced that she’s “unsuspending” her campaign and getting back in the race. Make your own “raising the dead” joke.

Interesting post-mortem on the South Carolina GOP primary, and a warning to GOP voters for the upcoming primaries: The media and various Never Trumpers made quite the deal out of Nikki Haley getting nearly 40% of the vote, trumpeting it as “40% of Republicans don’t want Trump.” But considering it was an open primary where you don’t have to be a party member to vote in the party’s primary, and Biden was basically running unopposed in the Democratic primary, I asked rhetorically if her voters were all really Republicans. Answer: Not hardly.

Raheem J. Kassam of the National Pulse examined AP poll data and found something odd: about 4 out of 10 Haley voters voted for Biden in 2020. This makes sense because not only was Haley encouraging Democrats to vote for her to stop Trump, but a well-funded network backed by Never Trumpers and former Obama operatives also spent big to turn out Democrats for Haley. One sent out over 200,000 texts to encourage Democrats to vote for Haley to harm Trump.

Robert Schwartz, the co-founder of one of these election interference groups called PrimaryPivot, told Politico, “We only care about damaging Donald Trump. For better or for worse, the only thing you can do if you really want to stop Trump is to vote for Haley.”

Kassam estimates that if you subtract all the Biden supporters who artificially propped up Haley just to harm Trump, her support in her home state GOP primary likely wouldn’t have broken 25%. And if you think any of them would vote for her in the November general election, I have some oceanfront property in Arkansas that I’d love to sell you.

In Saturday’s South Carolina GOP primary, former President Trump beat former SC Gov. Nikki Haley by about 60-40%. Normally, when someone loses their own home state by 20 points, it’s a pretty solid sign that the campaign needs to start packing up its banners and bunting, but Haley vowed to continue pressing on -- at least through Super Tuesday, even though polls show Trump well ahead in all states with no path to victory for Haley.

Haley and her supporters, and all Trump haters everywhere, tried to paint her landslide loss as a victory because Trump’s 20-point margin was slightly less than the polls predicted. Also, they like to claim that it shows a substantial number of Republicans want a candidate other than Trump (they say 40%, but in an open primary state, we have no way of knowing how many Haley voters were just Trump-hating Democrat crossover voters who will vote for Biden in November.)  But in 2016, in a more crowded field, Trump won the SC primary with about 33%. Does that mean he went on to lose the general election because two-thirds of Republicans wanted another candidate in the primary?

Adding to the gravity of Haley’s loss is the fact that she and groups supporting her blew millions of dollars in South Carolina, outspending Trump and his PACs by 10-1.

Haley’s refusal to face reality has a lot of people asking, “What’s up with that?” Some think she must believe Trump will be taken out of the race by Democrat lawfare (and at this point, the vicious partisan nature of those indictments and convictions has become so obvious that I have to distrust either the motives or the intelligence of anyone who refuses to condemn them.) Others are questioning whether she’s been offered some big bucks deal by wealthy Democrats to stay in the race just to keep the party divided.

That might explain why some of her donors are liberals, and they continue to shovel money down what is clearly a bottomless pit at this point. But at least you can’t say that about Americans For Prosperity, the Koch-funded PAC. They’ve been helping to bankroll Haley’s campaign, but after South Carolina, they’re sticking a fork in it and calling it done.

Even though it seems a foregone conclusion that no matter what dirt the Dems throw at him, Trump will be the GOP nominee, Republicans need to be on their guard against complacency. Every dirty trick in the book (by Saul Alinsky) and more will be hurled at him by Democrats desperate to keep him from regaining power. There’s even talk that if Trump wins but Dems retake the House, they’ll refuse to certify his election. Or as they call that when anyone else even talks about it, “insurrection” and “destroying our democracy.” Is that the most rank hypocrisy and double standard? Of course, but what else is new?

I could link to a dry news article on that, but I think you’d rather hear about it from Kurt Schlichter:

Finally, to ensure nobody gets complacent, here’s an article on some worrisome indicators even in Trump’s South Carolina win that Republicans need to heed and prepare for.

With the South Carolina 2024 Republican presidential primary and Super Tuesday fast approaching, change is needed urgently, or it’s lights out for our great republic.

It is crucial that American voters are well informed as they go to the polls. In 2024, we have witnessed some progress in putting America first, from states’ fight against the fentanyl epidemic to the historic impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, but we’re a long way from the November election.

With the media, Washington deep state and economic globalists working as an unholy trinity, we won’t have the luxury President Biden enjoys of endless vacation days and ice cream by the gallon. With primary voters going to the polls, remember that former President Donald Trump is the only one who has a track record of fighting for the forgotten men and women of America.

Mr. Trump fought for manufacturing jobs and delivered. The only thing the establishment and their wholly owned government-funded bureaucrats manufacture are phony indictments designed to keep you from even getting to vote for Mr. Trump.

Our focus on putting American interests first begins with protecting American manufacturing workers and their families from foreign countries that cheat. For years, elites in Washington have failed to protect American manufacturing workers from job-killing trade deals.

In South Carolina, the aluminum industry supports hundreds of good-paying manufacturing jobs. In 2015, the domestic aluminum industry was on the brink of collapsing due to China, Russia, the Middle East and other countries flooding the global marketplace with unfairly traded aluminum. With aluminum plants in South Carolina and across the country set to close, the future was bleak for thousands of aluminum workers and their families.

To save American jobs, Mr. Trump took bold and decisive action by signing into law the Section 232 aluminum tariffs, which levied a 10% tariff on all foreign aluminum imports. It wasn’t just protecting jobs. It protected U.S. national security. Mr. Trump showed tremendous leadership by imposing tariffs on all foreign aluminum imports to protect us from cheating countries. Mr. Trump stood with workers. It’s time we stand with him.

As voters go to the polls in South Carolina, the positive impact of Mr. Trump’s policies can be seen firsthand there. The nation’s newest aluminum smelter, Century Aluminum Mount Holly outside Charleston, provides more than 450 direct aluminum jobs, contributing more than $700 million in annual economic activity.

Due to Mr. Trump’s America First trade policies, this plant restarted half of production capacity and invested over $90 million, bringing the plant to 75% of overall production capacity, creating hundreds of new good-paying aluminum manufacturing jobs. The Mount Holly smelter produces aluminum, a crucial component for medical equipment and military applications that keep America safe.

While some people may not have liked Mr. Trump’s tough-guy approach, his policies actually put America first. Across the country, the Section 232 aluminum tariffs created more aluminum jobs and have been instrumental in allowing the U.S. to strengthen its domestic supply chains so we don’t have to rely on China, Russia or the Middle East for aluminum that our military needs in times of crisis. Mr. Trump didn’t just talk tough. He was tough on our adversaries, and we were stronger because of it.

Mr. Trump showed and continues to show tremendous leadership in standing up to countries that seek to harm the United States. Government-owned Russian aluminum producers provide military and financial backing to Russia’s assault against the people of Ukraine. According to media reports, some of Russia’s largest aluminum producers recruit soldiers to fight in Ukraine and fund their military salaries in support of Vladimir Putin’s war.

Mr. Trump imposed sanctions on Russian aluminum in the past. Mr. Biden has failed to enforce violations of the original deal, suspending them. Because of Mr. Biden’s weak leadership, two more U.S. smelters have been forced to shut down.

The Biden administration has failed to impose sanctions against Russian state-owned aluminum producers. Mr. Trump saved the U.S. aluminum industry, and he would not have weakened our country by allowing these smelters to close. Let me be clear: Mr. Trump will always stand with American manufacturing workers and put America first.

As the South Carolina primary and Super Tuesday approach, voters must demonstrate unwavering support for our country and the leaders who will fight for you and your family. Mr. Trump will always fight for the forgotten men and women of America, and he will never forget our great American manufacturing workers. As voters go to the polls, let’s stand shoulder to shoulder with Mr. Trump and allow him to finish the work he started in 2016 so we can truly Make America Great Again.

This column originally ran in the Washington Times. You can read it here.

• Mike Huckabee was the 44th governor of Arkansas and a 2016 Republican candidate for president. He is currently host of “Huckabee” on TBN and a Fox News contributor.

Speaking of razor-thin House margins, the GOP majority in the House got even skinnier last night. In a special election in New York, the seat left open when Republicans voted to expel Republican Rep. George Santos was easily won by longtime Democratic Party insider Tom Suozzi. This will reduce Speaker Mike Johnston’s majority to an ever narrower 219-213.

Astoundingly, the top issue was immigration, and the Democrats vastly outspent the Republicans, painting “MAGA Republicans” as to blame for all the illegal aliens overrunning New York City. So now, they have another rubber stamp vote for Joe Biden. Yeah, that’ll seal the border! This wasn’t an election, it was an I.Q. test, and New Yorkers failed. Let that be a lesson to the GOP for November.

This is in no way a defense of Santos, who appears to be a serial fabulist and who is facing multiple fraud indictments. But Santos did plead not guilty and he was expelled before even going to trial. You’d think that people who make our laws would have heard of the presumption of innocence. Besides, he’d already promised not to run again, so he would have held the seat only through the end of this year. But the GOP stood on principle and expelled him anyway.

That’s good for their consciences, but it puts them at a distinct disadvantage. The House is filled with Democrats who are liars, benders of financial rules and defenders of anti-Semites and terrorists – even one who declared her loyalty to Somalia over the US – and you don’t see the Democrats rushing to expel them. Over on the Senate side, they don’t care if indicted New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez clanks when he walks from all the gold bars in his pockets, he’s not going anywhere.

There is no way the Democrats would ever let nonsense like ethics and principles convince them to give up an iota of power. Like the Biden “Justice” Department, this is a system with two completely different sets of standards, depending on whether there’s a (D) or an (R) after your name.

Side Note: Another lesson Republicans should learn from the George Santos special election is that they need to up their game in turning out early votes. Having expanded Election Day to weeks, Democrats spend that time gathering ballots from Hither & Yon (no, that’s not the name of a cemetery.) Republicans tend to wait until Election Day to vote, when they need massive one-day turnout just to catch up. And in New York, it was snowing on Tuesday.

Last night, Sean Hannity asked me if I really believed that black and Hispanic voters who are abandoning Biden in polls would actually vote for Trump. He believes they’ll follow historic precedent and fall back in line by November, voting once again for Democrats who make big promises they never keep and scare them with lies about Republicans being racists who want to bring back slavery. Remember Biden telling a black audience, “They want to put y’all back in chains”? Rest assured, we have no interest in bringing back that cursed Democrat institution that Republican Abe Lincoln fought a Civil War to end.

My response is that, while I’m sure many disgruntled Democrat voters will ultimately yield to habit and mark the (D) box to keep letting the same party destroy their lives in perpetuity, I suspect that this year, things might be at least a little different. Some might actually switch parties, while other voters the Dems rely on might just stay home and not vote in big enough numbers to make a difference. Partly because Biden has been such a HORRENDOUS President, and partly because it hasn’t been so long since Trump's term (good jobs, rising wages, low inflation, secure borders, no wars) that people can make an A-B comparison (this is why they have to personally demonize Trump so hard and keep people from hearing what he has to say.) But mostly because of the illegal immigrant invasion Biden has set off.

When it was just the border states’ problem, it was easy for blue state voters to ignore. But the brilliant plan by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to bus just a fraction of the problem northward to “sanctuary cities” that claimed they welcomed them has created a black swan disruption event. Pious liberal city leaders are getting a taste of their own medicine, and it’s bitter stuff, indeed. Residents of these cities are sick of seeing their kids’ schools, parks and recreation facilities taken over by illegal aliens and their city services bankrupted. All while the Democrats they elected ignore their constituents and lavish the invaders with free food, debit cards and hotel rooms (that they trash.) Illegals can even beat up cops and get released on zero bail while flashing an obscene hand gesture to America.

Here are just a couple of examples of how it’s better to be an illegal immigrant in a blue state than a taxpaying citizen:

New York’s Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul is relaxing requirements and loosening red tape to make it easier to get a state government job. That sounds good, except that it’s to make it easier for illegal immigrants to get government jobs instead of American workers.

And in today’s MUST-READ, Howie Carr of the Boston Herald talked to people familiar with the illegal aliens enjoying free stays in local hotels and motels. These “undocumented Democrats,” as he calls them, have learned very quickly that in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, everything will be provided to them for free and only suckers work for a living. The biggest joke is calling them “migrants” because why would they ever migrate anywhere else?

That’s why I think this might be different from previous elections. A struggling single mom working two jobs to pay the bills and who normally votes Democrat might just look at all of this and think, “I’m voting for Trump. No matter what they say, he’s GOT to be better than this.”