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The 79th anniversary of D-Day

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Biden's latest fall

If a Democrat President falls on a stage and the liberal media refuse to report it, does he make a sound? I assume not, since that’s pretty much what happened yesterday as President Biden was exiting the stage at the USAF Commencement ceremony. Whatever your politics, it was a terrible thing to watch: the man is 80 years old, and that hard a fall at that age can break a hip or worse. It might actually be a testament to his good health that he didn’t end up in the hospital, but the way the media tried to sugarcoat it was astounding. Outlets such as Newsweek and Reuters reported that Biden “appeared to trip,” but recovered quickly. No, he hit the stage like a bag of doorknobs and had to be lifted to his feet by Secret Service agents.

Court News

The Supreme Court issued an 8-1 ruling limiting the actions of unions when going on strike. The case involved the Washington construction company Glacier Northwest suing the local Teamsters Union for damages. When the union called a strike, their truck drivers walked off the job when hundreds of trucks were filled with wet concrete awaiting delivery. It not only cost the company the value of the concrete, but if they hadn’t been able to clean it out fast, it would’ve hardened, severely damaging the trucks. The majority ruled that while workers have the right to strike, they should take reasonable precautions to protect their employers’ property and equipment, and they can be liable for costs if they walk off the job in a way that they know will cause serious damage. The lone dissenter was uber-liberal Biden appointee, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, who said the ruling would hinder the development of labor law and "erode the right to strike." She apparently wants the right to strike set in concrete, just like this company’s trucks would’ve been.  I wonder if she’d defend the right of airline pilots to strike if the pilot flying her plane strapped on a parachute and bailed out in mid-air.


Black Voters

Blacks are waking up to the fact that they are the latest core Democratic Party bloc to be thrown under the bus, just as women are discovering that President Biden is much more concerned about “trans rights” than women’s rights. As Catherine Salgado at PJ Media reports, Chicago residents, many of them black, are furious that their recently-elected leftist Mayor Brandon Johnson plans to spend another $51 million on taking care of illegal immigrants, on top of the $102 million already spent on them since January. This while their own neighborhoods are suffering from homelessness, lousy schools, rampant crime and fleeing businesses. But then, the Democrats see those new arrivals as future Democrat voters, and black Chicago residents as in-the-bag habitual Democrat voters.

Democrats denying history


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