May 5, 2016

On The Costs of Compliance ---And Non-Compliance

One of the arguments I’ve always used in favor of the Fair Tax is that just the cost of compliance with our current tax system --- never mind the actual taxes we pay --- is enough to break our backs.

The Liberal Response To Everything: "Outrage First"

I wonder if liberals will ever figure out that their hysterical overreactions to every Donald Trump provocation do more to undermine their own credibility than to harm Trump with voters?

Make-Or-Break For Cruz, Kasich

Cruz picked up a valuable endorsement from Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, but its impact was blunted when Pence spent much of his time praising Donald Trump before endorsing Cruz.

Puerto Rico just missed a debt payment...

Will American taxpayers be forced to pick up their tab? And if so, where will the bailouts end?
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May 2, 2016

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