Evening Edition: A Pattern for Biden

Morning Edition: CNN is shrinking

Word of the year

Morning Edition: Not enough votes

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving: A Time for Family

Bill Barr attacks Trump again

Morning Edition: Bill Barr attacks Trump again

Morning Edition: "Set-backs" are coming

Evening Edition: A tough winter

Na-na-na-na...hey, hey, hey...GOODBYE!

"Never mind" on Mar-A-Lago; even more black marks for the FBI

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Must-Read on COVID

Morning Edition - Finally

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At least one race I got right

Saturday Edition: Election Updates

Morning Edition: Veterans Day

Evening Edition: A tragic loss


October inflation numbers


Morning Edition: Day 3 of counting

Two Americas

Who blunted the red wave?

DeSantis' Election Day stand-off with the DOJ: how that went

Evening Edition: Postmortems

Dershowitz accuser drops allegations against him

Never forget


My predictions for tonight:

Election Day Special Edition

How I decide to vote