December 21, 2017

Hollywood liberals can’t even admit they’ve been acting like predatory, sexist pigs without finding some way to politicize and virtue-signal.  And so, we get news that some bigtime showbiz players have created “the Commission on Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality in the Workplace,” which carries the catchy acronym of CSHAEW (Gesundheit.) 

Their stated goal is “to lead the entertainment industry toward alignment in achieving safer, fairer, more equitable and accountable workplaces — particularly for women and marginalized people.” (Wonder how women feel about being lumped in with “marginalized people”?)  In other words, they’ve created a powerless new PR organ to advance the notion that Hollywood, like Congress, is finally going to follow the same workplace laws against sexual harassment that every other industry has had to comply with for years. 

So much for the virtue-signaling, now the politicizing: the commission will be chaired by…drum roll...Anita Hill!  That’s right: they had to get the most high-profile liberal accuser of a black conservative in history, and one of the most controversial.  Seriously, was there nobody they could hire whose name is not synonymous with the widespread suspicion that questionable, unsupported, long-ago allegations of sexual impropriety might be used to torpedo an opponent’s career?  Or is the bubble they live in so thick that they assume Prof. Hill’s reputation for feminist sainthood is universally held by all?

Maybe they should have done a little research into her past comments before signaling their virtue by hiring her.  They might have discovered that her support for female accusers of powerful men is, to put it mildly, “situational”… 


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  • Jacqueline Strovas

    01/12/2018 01:21 PM

    It is so refreshing to read what you write. Thank you for bringing a sane response to what is happening our world today. I seldom read anyone else,

  • Kathryn Price

    12/26/2017 11:50 PM

    I couldn't help but notice that their acronym "CSHAEW" is an anagram for "CASHEW". I think that along with hiring Anita Hill loudly proclaims the nut cases all of Hollywood has become. Thanks for all you do. Merry Christmas and have a blessed New Year.

  • Charles Fazio

    12/26/2017 06:35 PM

    It is a sad day indeed when a female may make unsubstantiated and unverifiable charges of sexual impropriety, and suffer no consequence for doing so! Venting? A form of self therapy?

    Much earlier in my life I was employed by a newspaper, and the standard then was that nothing was reportable as fact, unless confirmed by an independent source or corroborated by an independent source. My editor made this very point to me on several occasions, typically at a significantly elevated decibel level! I learned a lot from that man!

  • Jim sharpe

    12/22/2017 03:17 PM

    Thank you Mike! Of course the progressive wing is never going to change their high ground tactics..just ask their disgraced minnesota senator.. who can stay now that Moore is out

  • Stephen Russell

    12/22/2017 09:15 AM

    Good use Comm to file more suits against sexual abusers alone, & be at forefront for combatting sexual abuse nationwide.
    & take the Dems & DNC down.
    No more DNC Hqs for 2019??? Broke, Chap 13, No funds.
    Yes. More suits ladies, come on more suits & file for 1B reward.