August 23, 2017

Trump’s speech was so long that if you don’t have time for the whole thing, Independent Journal Review has edited some of the highlights by topic. Check them out here:

President Trump slams Arizona's Senator over Obamacare repeal 


President Trump calls out the media for their coverage of Charlottesville


President Trump talks about the media's obsession with ratings over the truth


Phoenix crowd responds to President Trump's comments about the media


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  • Amelia Little

    08/23/2017 07:52 PM

    The part about Trump crowd response says page not found. That being said, there was more in the news about the number of planned protesters arriving in Phoenix than about the number of attendees. Good thing there is more than msm "news" stories available where people could see the thousands of people lined up to attend in support of Trump. To read the blurb headlines on fb and even on the msn page, one would get the idea that pretty no one supports Trump any more, that all of us who did vote for him are now regretting it, etc etc etc. I like that there are news outlets and consevative commentators who point out the crock of bull all this is, AND makes sure we do know what Trump and congress ARE accomplishing. One of the more laughable things was at the 100 day mark, where all the "news" (and I use that term loosely) was that Trump had not accomplished ALL of his campaign promises by then. Really? Of course, now word on what HAD been accomplished, but I don't recall them pointing out campaign promises by other Presidents that didn't get carried out in say, 8 years!!! Of course, if he had bulldozed and got through all the promises, they would have complained about that. Guess they don't think anything should take some time and planning.