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June 14, 2022

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has defeated President Donald Trump in our Huckabee Newsletter Poll.  With over 21,000 votes cast from across the country, Gov DeSantis has won:

8,807 Trump 41.2%

12,073 DeSantis 56.6%

448 someone else 2.1%

21,328 votes

This reader poll was conducted from 6/11-6/14. 

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Comments 1-10 of 76

  • Onie Alexander

    09/19/2022 05:30 PM

    Ron Desantis needs to be the president of the United States!
    Huckabee or Trump for vice President.

  • Sharon L

    06/16/2022 10:12 AM

    NO FEAR HERE: I am not afraid that we will be brutalized again because of the left's hatred of all things TRUMP. If we start running in fear, we will constantly be controlled by the left. What we, and all liberty loving Americans need to do, for Trump, is push back and not let that hateful narrative see the light of day. At 73, I cannot let FEAR rule me and, IMHO, anyone who does gets what they get - control by someone else.

  • Valerie Blount

    06/15/2022 07:43 PM

    People are fearful if Trump is president it will be four more years of constant
    chaos brought upon Trump but extending into our lives....AGAIN. I think Trump deserves another term. However, if DeSantis is running, yes I would vote for him. Trump or Desantis...both are excellent and strong enough to straighten out this MESS being made by the hard left and Biden's obvious ability to 'muck' EVERYthing up!

  • Larry Miller

    06/15/2022 02:24 PM

    A newsletter poll, by definition, is not very reliable.
    A newsletter normally appeals to a particular group & as such does not give a fair representation of the overall opinion of the voters.

  • Wm. Bruce Hardesty

    06/15/2022 12:51 PM

    There is no question in my mind that President Trump did a great service to our country. His leadership, his thinking outside the box and willingness to serve brought pride in the United States back into the fore and leadership in the world community. But he has also garnered tremendous animosity and vitriol from so many. The entrenchment of the left must be addressed clearly and courageously if we are to retake our country and establish it on moral ground. It is time for new leadership. If President Trump runs again, I fear we will be retracing steps already taken. I think a DeSantis ticket would have more support with a similar leadership style and without generating the kind of extremism we have been seeing.

  • Debra Brown

    06/15/2022 11:08 AM

    I chose DeSantis over Trump only because I don't think he will be treated as terribly as Trump was. Trump's business knowledge was exactly what America needed. His foreign policy, domestic policy, energy independence, were all spot on. MAGA needs to continue. Trump needed less tweeting for sure, but the fact that he was hated by so many, and so many out to destroy him by any means possible, made it hard for him to accomplish all he had hoped to do. It was a hard decision, but I like what DeSantis is doing in Florida. Trump was a great President. I'd actually be happy with either and will vote for either!

  • Kathy Cochran

    06/15/2022 10:55 AM

    I think Trump's policies are well thought out and headed in the right direction, always have been. I am skeptical of him running again, however, because it is so caustic for him. Too many people either believe the lies of the Left, or they are complacent and don't care (they "follow the crowd at chow time"). I envision lots of riots and other b.s. from the left if he runs and wins (which I am sure he/they would). Perhaps continuing his operating from behind the presidential role will be just as good as sitting in the role. I don't put it past the lefties and what they might try to do. Vote 'em all out in November (the RINOs, too) as they come up for vote! So far so good on that front, with all the primaries looking pretty promising. Trump is a good guy, and so is his family. Biden is a bad guy, and so is his family, and his administration!

  • Samuel Clawser

    06/15/2022 09:06 AM

    What's your take on this poll?

  • Craig Davis

    06/15/2022 08:06 AM

    So how did a man who could not fill a broom closet with supporters at a rally get more votes than any other candidate in history?

  • Marie de Putron

    06/15/2022 12:16 AM

    I think the corrupt media and the Democrats will do to DeSantis what they did to Trump. They are always scheming. DeSantis may not have mean tweets, but they will create another evil and untrue narrative.