July 12, 2019

I always enjoy it when something upends a prevailing liberal media narrative.  For instance, if I said that I gave President Trump an “A+” for his handling of the economy which is “doing great,” and that his tax cut had stimulated business and helped bring job opportunities even to groups that had problems before, such as taking African-American unemployment to its lowest level ever…and that he deserves credit for taking steps to do what he promised to do…and if I said the Democrats will have a hard time beating him because they’ve moved too far to the left and their programs don’t resonate with most Americans…then I’d probably be called a racist Trump supporter.

So I’m happy to report that everything above was actually said by African-American media mogul Robert Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET.) 

Listen closely and you can hear liberals’ heads exploding all the way from DC and both coasts.

And as long as we’re shattering cherished liberal narratives, here are seven largely-unreported facts about immigration enforcement under Obama.

You know all those things they blame on Trump, like deporting people, separating families, putting children in cages, people dying trying to cross the border, etc.?  Well, all that happened under Obama first and oftentimes, worse.  

And for the record, if they start blasting Trump for using tear gas on illegal immigrants at the border, that wouldn’t even be a first, either.  It’s been used by Presidents going back to Jimmy Carter, and it happened 79 times during fiscal years 2012-2016 under - you guessed it - Barack Obama.


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