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April 21, 2021

The Democrats seem to understand that when you’re ruling against the will of the people and the interests of your own nation as radically as they are, they won’t have much time to force their agenda through before they get thrown out of power. So we’re seeing a flurry of activity to try to cement their agenda before the voters give them the bums’ rush they deserve (opening the borders, grabbing guns, silencing criticism, legalizing vote fraud, showering trillions of dollars on pet projects and supporters, etc. etc.) Keeping up with it all can be a little overwhelming.

So just to make sure this one doesn’t slip through the cracks, here’s another reminder that they also want to pass a federal law modeled on the disastrous AB5 California law that would ban state right-to-work laws, shut down up to 45% of small businesses, destroy the gig economy, and throw tens of millions of gig, contract and freelance workers out of work.

President Biden, knowing that the bill would be filibustered in the Senate, hid this time bomb in his $2.5 trillion “infrastructure” bill. So just be aware that not only are everything from child care to paid leave now considered “infrastructure,” so is putting gig workers on the unemployment line.

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  • Carol A Fritz

    04/23/2021 01:37 PM

    And we all just sit here. So, how do we stop this insanity???? Lots of talk, but if we rise up to object, we are called seditionist and we are arrested. We can yell, kick and scream all we want, but they do not care. They press on and continue to dismantle our Constitution, are lives and this country. Voting is a where are the powers that be to stop this? We can't trust any branch of the what do we do? This HAS to be stopped. We, THE PEOPLE are sick of being controlled by a bunch of insane leftists grabbing power and control, and we are frustrated at our government for letting this happen.

  • Jean M sweat

    04/22/2021 12:18 AM

    I detest what the Dems are doing to our country. Biden should be impeached immediately and the Republicans MUST get together and not continue to sit back and let all this crap continue.

  • wayne

    04/21/2021 02:09 PM

    I don't know what they doing but to me it looks like he trying to take a dump standing