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July 21, 2022



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And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.

Luke 6:31 KJV

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Pelosi's last prime-time sham-show is tonight

The Democrats have kept us on the edges of our seats for long enough. The next (and reportedly last in prime time) episode of Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 sham-show is scheduled for this evening. As I reported yesterday, the whole theme of it is fraudulent --- based on the lie that President Trump waited three hours before responding to protesters at the Capitol. This is brazen political theatre, as see-through as AOC’s imaginary handcuffs.

As Sean Hannity said Wednesday, this kangaroo court is still ignoring the most critical facts about the decisions made in the days leading up to the rally. They don’t care about key evidence that is exculpatory; they care only about keeping it out. As you know, President Trump had a meeting two days before the event, attended by then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller, Miller’s Chief of Staff Kash Patel, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley. It was at this meeting that Trump officially requested up to 20,000 National Guard troops for the Capitol grounds on January 6.

At that point, it was up to Pelosi and Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser to act on his offer. They refused it, with Bowser doing so in writing. Has any of this even been mentioned by the kangaroo court? No. If this were a real committee, Pelosi, certainly, would be called as a witness, as she was in charge of security for the Capitol. She won’t be –- Chairman Bennie Thompson made it clear at the outset that Pelosi was off limits. The House sergeant-at-arms and the Capitol Hill police chief, who made repeated requests for assistance from the Guard, have not been subpoenaed, and won’t be.

Obviously, Pelosi could not allow the National Guard to be there, because that would have stopped the riot, and the Democrats needed the riot. I don’t like to get into reading minds (as the left tries to do with Trump all the time), but a case can easily be made that they WANTED the riot. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Hannity noted that he’s had four of these five people –- everyone but Gen. Milley –- relate this story for the record on his show. He said that two of them also testified to the committee under oath that this happened. Also, Biden’s Inspector General for the Department of Defense investigated Trump’s DoD about the response to January 6 and found no wrongdoing, according to page 31 of their report.

Thanks to Sean for pointing this out: The IG report says that President Trump stressed the need to ensure safety, saying, “Mr. Miller and Gen. Milley met with the President at the White House at 5:30 p.m. The primary topic they discussed was unrelated to the scheduled rally. Gen. Milley told us that at the end of the meeting, the President told Mr. Miller that there would be a large number of protestors on January 6, 2021, and Mr. Miller should ensure sufficient National Guard or Soldiers would be there to make sure it was a safe event.”

So all five people in the room have confirmed this happened.

Of course, committee members also conveniently leave out the last part of Trump’s rally speech in which he mentions attendees walking “peacefully and patriotically” to the Capitol. The idea was for them to make their voices heard, nothing more. “This is not, and this has never been, a serious investigation,” Hannity said. All they do is pick-and-choose, slice-and-dice, cut-and-paste their fake “evidence” to manufacture a case against President Trump. We’ve said many times that this is how it’s done in banana republics, and that is not hyperbole. It really is what dictatorial regimes do.

As we’ve reported, the committee is now blaming the Secret Service for not having kept more text messages from the period surrounding that day to provide them in response to a subpoena. They want to see if there’s any mention of Trump “lunging” at the steering wheel of his SUV and trying to force the driver to take him to the Capitol. “Witness” Cassidy Hutchinson has offered only hearsay testimony about it. And two Secret Service agents who WERE there say they’re willing to testify that this event did not happen. They also won’t be called, of course. And Trump himself strongly denies that it happened.

As Kevin McCarthy pointed out, even if Pelosi had allowed any REAL Republicans on the committee –- Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger don’t count –- only the majority (Democrat) has subpoena power.

McCarthy said that Republicans proposed on the House floor that both parties should have subpoena power, and that “what had happened in America that entire summer” should be looked at. They also wanted to look at Pelosi and why the preparation was so lax. Needless to say, none of that happened.

Something else to note as we go into another farcical hearing: Julie Kelly has an update on how Biden’s ‘Justice’ Department is dealing with those protesters still caught in the legal system. In the case of Guy Wesley Reffitt, it’s easy to see how impossible it is for a Trump supporter to get a fair trial in Washington DC. Reffitt did engage in misconduct that day, but it “doesn’t come close to the overdramatic if not wholly dishonest account described in a 58-page sentencing recommendation the ‘Justice’ Department filed last week,” Kelly says.

“And it does not make him, or others in similar circumstances, part of a domestic terrorism plot as the Biden regime now insists.”

Prosecutors are seeking a 15-year prison sentence for Reffitt (!!!), basing that in part on a “terrorism enhancement provision” in federal sentencing guidelines. In other words, they’re calling him a terrorist. They’re saying that what he did “was calculated to influence or affect the conduct of government by intimidation or coercion, or to retaliate against government conduct.”

I would mention that if this makes one a terrorist, what about all those people protesting outside the Supreme Court and even intimidating justices outside their homes? What about the much-worse rioting that was intended to disrupt Trump’s inauguration in 2017?

Julie Kelly has done outstanding reporting on January 6, and her article is a must-read.

In a final look at our two-tiered ‘justice’ system, here’s what the Capitol police chief had to say about the failure of the U.S. attorney to charge Stephen Colbert’s team for trespassing at the Capitol.

You can read the details of their behavior here. The crew had applied for press credentials but had been denied. They didn’t care; they trespassed anyway and were in the halls of the Capitol complex unsupervised for hours. According to Chief, Thomas Manger, they even lied about being credentialed. They should have been tossed in the can. And if they’d been working for ME, they would have been!

LATE ADDITION:  Kyle Becker has a clear summary of the controversy surrounding the "disappearance" of Secret Service texts that might shed light on the (fake) story about Trump's "lunge" in the SUV.  This stalemate between the Secret Service and the committee is a red herring, as we don't need text messages to know whether Cassidy Hutchinson's hearsay testimony is true or false.  As you know, Secret Service agents who were THERE say they're ready to testify under oath that it is false.



We finally have closure on some long-delayed unfinished business from the real insurrectionist riots, by which I mean the 574 violent, fiery, “mostly peaceful” riots that were excused, condoned and even supported by the Democrats and their media ventriloquist dummies.

Wednesday, a Missouri jury found Stephan Cannon, 26, guilty on all charges in the murder of retired St. Louis Police Capt. David Dorn. Cannon was convicted on eight felony counts, including first degree murder, first degree robbery, first degree burglary, illegal weapons possession and more. He faces possible life without parole.

Dorn was working as a security guard, and he responded to an alarm at a friend’s pawn shop during a BLM-inspired riot. When he arrived, he encountered a gang of looters and was shot dead and left to die on the sidewalk. A half dozen men have been charged, but police say the shots came from a nearby corner where Cannon was the only one standing.

Our prayers for Capt. Dorn’s wife and family, and I hope that justice finally being served will bring them some peace of mind.



In other overdue riot aftermath news, Joey Gibson, the leader of a group called Patriot Prayer, has been acquitted of a charge of rioting outside an anarchist bar in Portland, Oregon, on May Day of 2019.

Full details and video are at the link, but in a nutshell, a brawl broke out between the Patriot Prayer members and some Antifa types. It was over before the police arrived and nobody wanted to press charges. But for some reason, Gibson was charged, even though his attorney says he didn’t engage in any violent behavior but was himself “repeatedly pepper-sprayed and spat on by violent Antifa members.”

Nevertheless, Portland DA Mike Schmidt went after Gibson, expending a lot of time, effort and tax money for three years to try to send him to prison. In dismissing the charge, the judge said there was not sufficient evidence to convince a jury, and he was baffled why the defendant was charged with rioting when he wasn’t charged with “inciting anything or provoking anything or encouraging anything.” (Did he take any selfies? I hear that can get you sent to federal prison for insurrection.) A former county DA said, “It’s highly unusual for judges to basically say, ‘I don’t know what you were thinking.’”

What Gibson is thinking now is that he may sue the DA for discriminatory prosecution. Good luck to him, and I hope to see a lot more of that after November, when we start to restore justice to the “justice” system.


Sports Video of the Day

Tucker Carlson obtained leaked audio of a meeting of top NBA officials, including commissioner Adam Silver and Milwaukee Bucks owner Marc Lasry, sucking up to the communist Chinese government, criticizing players who make anti-Chinese statements in support of human rights, and defending China’s censorship of any criticism, because, as Lasry put it, “I get it, it’s business.”

Former Boston Celtics center and human rights activist Eres Kantor Freedom told Carlson, “This is the evidence of how a 100 percent American-made company is run by the Chinese dictatorship. And wake up America. This is the league that you have been supporting and watching. Enough is enough. And this is unacceptable.”

Then again, if it’s good enough for Disney…



AOC Invisible Handcuffs Update

I don’t want to talk much about this pointless political theater, but just a few quick updates. It’s been reported that the female Democrats who attended that protest at the Supreme Court were invited there by a “progressive” PAC, which is already using their “arrests” as fundraising tools. Also, AOC posted her paperwork to boast of her “arrest,” and it showed that she actually just got fined $50 “in lieu of arrest” (talk about hard time!) As for her excuse that “best practice” for dealing with an arrest is to put your hands behind you as if handcuffed, Fox News’ Dana Perino checked the ACLU's advice for dealing with police, and they say to keep your hands in full view of the officers at all times.

Then again, these people also think the “best practice” for dealing with an unexpected pregnancy is to kill the child, just as the “best practice” for dealing with a gender-confused minor is dangerous chemicals and irreversible quack surgery. So maybe their advice should be taken with a grain of salt.

Now, on to the fun part: a round-up of the best Internet memes on AOC’s imaginary handcuffs:

Biden tests positive for COVID

As we were going to press this morning, word came that President Biden tested positive for COVID. He reportedly has very mild symptoms, and he’s certainly had the maximum number of vaccinations and boosters. But considering his age, I’m sure you will join me in praying for his swift and full recovery.

Many people were already reeling from the news that Biden seemed to announce on Wednesday that he had cancer. Luckily, his 24/7 verbal gaffe hazmat squad rushed to “clarify” that he did not.

Biden was in Delaware promoting his climate change executive orders when he claimed that he grew up near a refinery where the air left oil slicks on car windshields. Biden said, “That’s why I and so damn many other people I grew up with have cancer, and why for the longest time, Delaware had the highest cancer rate in the nation.”

As news agencies and the Internet went wild, the White House hurriedly announced that he was referring to past removal of a skin cancer and used the wrong tense. Some might point out that skin cancer is caused by the sun, which also causes global warming, but let’s not confuse the issue with a lot of science.  

Fox News noted that in April, Biden made a remarkably similar claim, only then he said the oil was why he and “80 percent” of the people he grew up with had asthma. Dr. Marc Siegel pointed out that Delaware’s asthma rate is 1 in 10, not 80%. But we do know that Biden really did have asthma because it was the reason for his Vietnam draft deferments.




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  • Jerry

    07/22/2022 09:55 AM

    MSM and the Democratic Party defund the police is a major portion of today’s crime wave until we change the laws in communities that release crimals after the point of charging them and the leniency of criminal activity will not make a difference in how many police one has the revolving door of criminals defeats most of the police work ,it is similar to the imbecile that steps in cement after it’s been finished over and over that that’s the democratic way

  • Rosalia LiBassi

    07/21/2022 09:51 PM

    It is incredible how many “gaffes” Biden commits. Most are just made up lies. But this government gets a pass for everything. The opposition gets politically persecuted. Even grandmothers get thrown in jail. It’s the same play book used by dictators all over the world. We must all pray for America for without God we are done. I fear that they already figured out how to cheat in the next elections. Thank you for the time, Governor.

  • Anne Turner

    07/21/2022 05:53 PM

    Governor, do you really think it is possible to have a fair election in November with all of the money being put into cheating? I know if the GOP, does not take back at least House, if not the Senate, we no longer have free and legitimate elections. All of the investigations in the world will not uncover the cheating. Those millions can buy a lot of votes.

  • Samuel L. Smith Sr.

    07/21/2022 03:40 PM

    Food for though, my said she thinks they are saying Biden has COVID so they can get him out of the lime light and give him so rest?

  • Paul Kern

    07/21/2022 03:13 PM

    I am azed Fox is considered reliable anymore. It was anti Trump from before the last election. Now is reported to promote leftists in the 2024 one. Too bad many on the right supporting the left and perpetual war in Europe. I guess it means ever bloated deficits. Now if the go broke bill passes. Best estimates are 45 trillion deficit,up from 30 trillion, in a decade

  • david a. mourino

    07/21/2022 02:54 PM

    i enjoy your verses everyday i looked forward to it i thank you so much i need this in my life to hear from god to remind me i thank god for you spreading the word i am always falling off my horse but i continue to get on