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August 16, 2023

Having completely trashed historic precedent, twisted the law and the Constitution and destroyed our precious “norms” in a rabid frenzy to “get Trump,” you didn’t think the Democrats would stop at only FOUR sets of outrageous indictments, did you? Now, there’s talk of a FIFTH threat of indictments, and you’ll never guess where it’s coming from. Brace yourself because the sheer gall of this one might make your brain reel:

Arizona Gov, Katie Hobbs is pressing for indictments in Arizona against Trump for daring to question the 2020 election. Yes, I said “Katie Hobbs.” The Governor probably most suspected by her constituents of having been installed in office thanks to vote fraud. The one whose election is still being challenged. The one who refused to step aside from her job of running the election that she was competing in. She wants to file charges against Trump for “potential election interference in the 2020 election,”

Say, here’s a thought: how about having a real investigation, free of government roadblocks and biased court rulings, of the 2022 election of Katie Hobbs?

And speaking of endless investigations, I tried to warn Democrats that they were opening a Pandora’s box and didn’t realize what was going to come screaming out of it and devour them. Of course, they were ravaged by Trump Derangement Syndrome and didn’t listen. They’ve now established a “new norm” that Republicans can use against them, and it’s already causing ghosts of their carefully-buried past to rise from the graveyard.

With the political indictments of Trump, calls are rising from the right to indict Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Joe Biden for their parts in creating the expensive, divisive, and some might even say treasonous Russian Collusion hoax.

And that’s just the beginning. Why should Hillary still be allowed to skate on destroying all that evidence of mishandling of classified documents if Trump is going to be indicted for far less? And that’s just the start: when it comes to Democrats who’ve been allowed to skate on their malfeasance, it’s an embarrassment of riches, If national Republican office holders are too reticent to engage in this political warfare, there are plenty of state and local GOP attorneys general and county prosecutors in deep red areas who can start filing indictment after indictment after indictment. Considering that the Democratic Party has been described as “America’s most successful criminal enterprise,” they shouldn’t lack for material.

Do I want to see this kind of politicized legal warfare? Of course not. Nobody in his right mind does. Thinking people knew how dangerous it would be and warned against it, but that didn’t stop the Democrats from starting it. It’s sad to think that giving the Dems a taste of their own quack medicine might be the only way to close the Pandora’s box they broke open.


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