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June 18, 2021

I miss the good old days, when the media had a blatant liberal bias but they at least maintained enough of a veneer of professionalism to attempt to hide it. Over the past few decades, that veneer wore thinner and thinner under it finally disappeared entirely. They acted like rabid dogs when covering President Trump and now, like docile lap dogs licking the hand of President Biden. has just a small sampling of the US media’s grossly fawning praise of Biden’s embarrassing Europe trip. To listen to such unbiased reporters as Joe Scarborough, this was the greatest, most inspiring, most successful Presidential trip abroad of the 21st century – or maybe ANY century!

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld had the best line about that. He said it reminded him of how his parents used to cheer and shout for him whenever he was allowed to play one minute in a fifth grade basketball game and didn’t pee on himself.

Meanwhile, the media in other nations gave terrible reviews to Biden, but even worse reviews to his embarrassing US media sycophants. Here’s just one example, but there were many others across Europe.

Meanwhile, here are two pictures that sum up the reality of the visit better than a thousand gushing words from the US media. Note that when Putin met with Biden, Biden brought along notes on flashcards to help him. When Putin met with Trump, Putin brought along notes on flashcards.

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