October 11, 2018


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Today's Commentary --- Susan Rice's son attacked over his political views -- Hurricane Michael Update -- Reader comment of the day -- Time to teach students again -- PS - Eye-opening information -- The Baltic Experience 2019 -- Facebook wants into your home -- Evening Edition - Daily Verse


Former Obama Administration official Susan Rice’s son, John David Rice-Cameron, is the president of the Stanford College Republicans (that must make for some lively Thanksgiving dinner conversations, but that’s not the point.)  He was attending a pro-Brett Kavanaugh rally on campus when some tolerant liberals attacked the Republican students, tearing up their signs and one allegedly hit John and forcibly shoved him.

To his enormous credit, he refuses to be cowed by that kind of fascist thuggery.  He’s pressing battery charges against the student who attacked him and he declared, “Nobody should be assaulted on campus, under any circumstances.”  It’s ironic that the leftists assaulted him for standing up for the principle that people shouldn’t be found guilty of assault when there’s no evidence (they did it on camera and provided evidence.)  And it's doubly ironic that Susan Rice is considering challenging Sen. Susan Collins for her seat for doing the exact same thing.



Mike Huckabee

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Hurricane Michael Update

By Mike Huckabee

Hurricane Update: Hurricane Michael came ashore yesterday near Panama City with incredible strength similar to Hurricane Maria that hit Puerto Rico, and has now moved northward.  It’s been downgraded to a tropical storm but remains dangerous, especially in areas still dealing with flooding from Hurricane Florence.  At least two people are known dead, and first responders are hard at work clearing debris and searching for any other victims.

For those who were kind enough to be concerned, I’m fine.  We built this house with an eye to withstanding hurricanes, and we are far enough to the west to have escaped the worst of it (there was a mistake in yesterday’s edition saying we were to the east; because of the unusual conditions, I couldn’t type that report, and a staffer who transcribed my spoken comments made a mistake).  On the map, we were safely to the left of the storm’s path.  This is one of the few times when it was good to be on the left.                              

I hope you will continue to pray for our neighbors who were in the path of the storm and are still suffering from its aftermath.  Your donations to rescue organizations are also much needed and greatly appreciated.  Two of the very best that are always first to the scene with help are Samaritan’s Purse ( ) and the Red Cross ( )  And a group called Portlight that specializes in helping elderly and disabled storm victims also needs help right away. ( )

Here’s more information on the storm:

And some stunning photos of the damage:


Reader comment of the day

By Mike Huckabee

Here's a great reader response to Laura Ainsworth's commentary praising Maine Sen. Susan Collins as a hero for her brave speech on the Senate floor.  If you are similarly inclined, please let the senator know how glad and grateful you are that she took a stand.  She's reaping horrible verbal abuse and massively-funded political attack for doing so.

From Michele:

"Laura, agreed.  I watched Senator Collins address the Senate live.  Admittedly, I sobbed and amened as I listened.  Her speech was so thoughtful, intelligent, kind, fact-based, observant, reasonable, respectful, powerful, informative, inspirational, articulate, thorough and convincing.  Her tone, and the scope of her speech were spot on.  She said what needed to be said, and did so in an excellent manner.  She presented a rock-solid case for confirming Judge Kavanaugh.  Rest assured, I have already phoned, e-mailed, and tweeted my thanks.  Senator Collins will be in my prayers, and on my Christmas card list."


Time to teach students again

By Mike Huckabee

A new Gallup survey found that more than half of American adults no longer have much confidence in higher education. That’s especially true among Republicans, whose confidence level in higher education has dropped by 17 points since 2015.  Naturally, liberals will say this is because they’re better-educated, but Republicans would say it’s because they’re just more indoctrinated -- into liberalism, socialism, ideological totalitarianism, censorship of differing viewpoints, safe spaces for snowflakes and all the other things that have taken the place of an actual college education in recent years.  If you want people to respect college, then quit trying to turn it into kindergarten only with Karl Marx instead of Mother Goose.  As one critic of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford pointed out, the website of Palo Alto University, where she teaches, lists “social justice” as its #1 core value and high quality scientific research third.   

It’s not as if the pompous Ivy League graduates who’ve been running our banks and government institutions for the past few decades have demonstrated higher levels of competence at their jobs than your average graduate of cosmetology school or McDonald’s Hamburger University. Harvard and Yale legacies presided over the Wall Street bailout, the spread of ISIS and the $20 trillion national debt.  And those self-proclaimed geniuses are still fuming in their oak-paneled gentlemen’s clubs because we finally kicked them out and replaced them with a guy from Queens who’s actually built something.   

When colleges stop letting the loudest students and the most far-left professors dictate their policies and get back to their mission of teaching students valuable skills and information and time-tested values and wisdom, then maybe Americans will start to think they’re worth their ever-spiraling costs. Until then, you can find many of the core classes from real schools like MIT on YouTube for free.  You don’t have to go a quarter of a million dollars in debt taking classes like these actual courses from various universities, compiled by Business Insider:

Guerrilla Altruism: A Mini-Manual of Subversive Activism; Porn Studies: An Introduction to Cultures of Sexual Representation; Philosophy and "Star Trek;” "Oh, Look, a Chicken!" Embracing Distraction as a Way of Knowing; Feminist Perspectives: Politicizing Beyoncé; Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse: Disasters, Catastrophes, and Human Behavior; and The Art of Walking. 

If any university wants to charge you tuition for a class on how to walk, then I suggest you turn around and run, don’t walk, straight to the nearest trade school.


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PS - Eye-opening information

By Mike Huckabee

PS – Another big reason why Americans are losing respect for higher education: all their constantly-increasing tuition dollars flowing to overpaid “diversity” enforcers who speak in impenetrable jargon and do nothing but foment victim mentalities and insure that there is surface diversity of skin and zero diversity of thought. 

There’s some eye-opening information about that at this link, along with the news that a subscription to the “Journal of Diversity in Higher Education” costs schools $681 a year (it’s a quarterly, so that’s $170.25 an issue; but schools must subscribe or they’ll call you sexist, racist homophobes) for such priceless articles as “The Influence of Campus Climate and Urbanization on Queer-Spectrum and Trans-Spectrum Faculty Intent to Leave.”

Colleges should be asking, “What do we have to do to get all the pinheads who write this drivel to leave?”



The Baltic Experience 2019

I am thrilled to announce an unforgettable trip to the Baltics for the summer of 2019! After many years of the Israel Experiences and our most recent trip the Mediterranean Experience cruise, we are bringing you another phenomenal cruise, the Baltic Experience! This all-inclusive cruise will feature some of the most beautiful places in the Baltic Sea and we will get to travel to and absorb these destinations aboard a luxury cruise ship from the Azamara Cruise line. If you have traveled with us before, you already know that all-inclusive means exactly that and there are no surprises along the way. The Baltic Experience will be no different. And when the weather is often unbearably hot throughout most of the US in August, we will be enjoying the cool and delightful weather that makes travel in the Baltic region perfect. Once again we have the entire ship and will fill our time on board with spectacular entertainment and special guests. In addition to the cruise we have multiple pre and post cruise offerings you can choose from to extend your trip. Our last cruise sold out in record time so we encourage you to get your cabin secured soon. We look forward to traveling with you soon and as always we will work tirelessly and do everything in our control to bring you The Greatest Trip.

To learn more about this exciting trip, visit my website here.

See you on the boat,

Mike Huckabee


Facebook wants into your home

By Mike Huckabee

Letting a company that’s become notorious for hacks of your private information, judging and censoring your opinions, and sharing your data with marketers and political operatives put a camera and microphone in your house?  Sounds like a great idea!  Sign me up!


Evening Edition - October 9

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse

"And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you."

- Ephesians 4:32

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  • John Clark

    10/11/2018 01:49 PM

    Good for Susan Rice's son! These people are socialist bullies, and like any bully, there comes a time when they must be dealt with. We are not only in a political battle, but a battle for morality, common decency and civility, and righteousness verses evil. We are even in a battle to keep our nation was it was founded to be. The First Amendment is no longer! The right of PEACEFUL assembly has been taken away. There is no longer an expression of "free" speech, and I use the word in parenthesis because free speech now comes with a cost - the cost of being bullied, or censored, or kicked out of restaurants, or even being the object of death threats. America has sunk to a new low. I never thought I would see the day when this nation reached this point.