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September 29, 2021

I sense that Democrats know their hopes of using a razor thin majority to impose massive transformational legislation are slipping away. Democrats from moderate districts are starting to rebel, and they’re not worried about Biden criticizing them with his polling under water. You can tell they see the writing on the wall, since Speaker Pelosi finally slapped down her loudmouthed far-left wing and announced that the $1 trillion “bipartisan infrastructure” bill would be voted on before the $3.5 trillion spending orgy bill that they were trying to force through by holding the smaller one hostage.

Incidentally, we had a reader criticize me for not mentioning that the “infrastructure” bill includes money for things like more electric vehicle chargers, which he considers to be “infrastructure.” Okay, but before I started trying to force all Americans to buy electric cars (which they’ve had the opportunity to do for years and declined) and building charging stations everywhere, I might first ensure that we have a power grid and enough energy generation capacity to support them.

The Biden Administration is handling its EV plan the way it did Afghanistan: backwards. Just as you don’t pull out your troops before you evacuate your people and equipment, you don’t force everyone to buy electric cars and build thousands of charging stations after you’ve gone to war on domestic energy producers, begged OPEC (to no avail) to pump more oil, and your green supporters won’t let you build any nuclear power plants, the only reliable non-CO2-generating alternative.

And as long as we’re on the subject of Trojan Horse bills packed full of stuff that their sponsors don’t advertise to the public, here’s an analysis of that $3.5 trillion bill and some of things you might be surprised to know are in it.

My critical reader will be glad to hear it includes $1 billion for an “electric vehicle charging equity program,” nearly $80 billion to expand the IRS for more audits and enforcement, $3 billion for a “tree equity” program, $5 billion for “climate justice bloc grants,” $15 million for national resource centers "focused on providing services for older individuals who are underserved due to their sexual orientation or gender identity," and a whole lot more you can read about the link that doesn’t sound to me like something I’m willing to put my grandchildren $3.5 trillion into debt to fund.

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