April 10, 2017

Democrats have lost over a thousand state and federal offices over the past 20 years, and their support is now heavily concentrated in large cities and the coasts. That’s put Republicans in charge of many state legislatures that draw up Congressional district lines. Democrats have largely blamed Republican gerrymandering for their losses, but is there any truth to that? Not much, it seems.

The 2017 Cook Political Report Partisan Voter Index was released Friday. It found that the number of swing districts has declined, but that only 17% of that can be ascribed to gerrymandering. A full 83% is due to “natural geographic sorting,” or voters voting with their feet. As a district gets more Republican, Democrats tend to move out, leaving it even more Republican. Likewise, as a place gets more Democratic, Republicans move out.

I might add from my own observations, so do business owners, taxpayers and people who don’t enjoy being crime victims. That leaves the district very heavily Democratic. Eventually, life there gets so lousy that even Democrats start moving to Republican areas. Unfortunately, they then start voting for Democrats to ruin their new home like they did the old one, and the process starts all over again. So it’s not gerrymandering causing America’s problems, it’s just the circle of political life.

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  • Ricci N Henry

    04/22/2017 11:42 AM

    Hey Mike! Sorry to keep pestering you! You've just further proven one of my observations about Dems. It being that if we split the country in half, built a wall down the line, gave the dems half and we take the other, pretty soon you would see defectors from their half slipping over the wall. In fact. After just a short period of time, we would be witnessing a mass explosion of dems blasting through the wall in search of something to eat. A quick fly-over of "demland" would look like a scene from "The Walking Dead." Just cause you can create "Utopia" on screen doesn't mean you have the answers for real life. Hopefully, and I know it will never happen, one day they will come to realize this fact. God said, to paraphrase, turn from Me and I will turn from you. I will lead you off into silly fables and such. Boy was He right! Thank you for speaking for truth!

  • Roseanne Impellizzeri

    04/21/2017 04:53 PM

    OMG!!! How I 'LOVE' reading your articles, but this one TOPS all!! You completely nailed it (again!!) Keep up the great work.....we love you and appreciate you!!!