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April 12, 2021

Having learned how many Americans will give up their rights in the name of “public health,” the Biden Administration has started declaring all the traditional Democrat issues as “public health” crises.

Want more gun control? Declare gun violence a “public health” crisis.

Want to use racism as an excuse to impose your radical left political agenda? Declare racism a “public health crisis.”

Just as everything they want the government to give them for free is now “infrastructure,” everything they want to assume more power over is a “public health crisis.” Except, of course, violent and/or COVID-positive illegal border crossers. They’re just a “challenge.”

Meanwhile, they never mention that the worst crime and gun violence is in cities that have been run for decades entirely by Democrats. The cities most torn by riots over racism are run by Democrats. The liberals in charge of the current political system and the systems that prevail in big cities, major corporations, Hollywood, the news media, social media and professional sports claim that everything is “systemically racist,” but who runs the systems that control their industries? They do. It's like when Hollywood suddenly started denouncing the sexual exploitation of women.

So if we really want to cure all these various public health crises, maybe it’s time we all acknowledged the root cause: leftwing politics are a public health crisis.

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